In case you didn’t follow my motorcycle adventures this weekend, I’m happy to report that I passed my M2 license! ūüėÄ I couldn’t be more thrilled! It was a hot and sweaty weekend for motorcycle lessons but it was incredibly amazing to spend the entire weekend outdoors finally realizing one of my lifelong dreams of riding a motorcycle!

Since the weekend, all I’ve been thinking about are motorcycles. I think it’s kind of like surfing or even traveling, once you do it, you’ve totally caught the bug. I can honestly say, I’ve caught the motorcycle bug. We’re looking at potentially renting a motorcycle during our travels this summer, so I hope there will be more riding in the near future!! Can’t wait to explore the world on two wheels!!

Anyone have riding tips for me? I’m all ears!!







Photos by @Offner

Zara jean shorts (get them here)

Zara faux suede fringed camel vest 

Zara printed tee

Modern Vice Handler Boot (get it here)

CRYWOLF sharktooth necklace


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The leopard coat¬†(faux leopard that is!) is officially back out. I forgot just how warm it was and how much I love it with my red hair. Kinda obsessed with this jumpsuit¬†I recently found at H&M. It’s the first time I find one that’s actually long enough for me. I kinda feel like a could be a mechanic wearing this jumpsuit, a dorky mechanic maybe… Happy Monday! ūüėÄ

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Photos by @Offner

Zara TRF Leopard Furry Coat

Modern Vice Camo Jetts (get them here)

Zara handbag with faux fur 

H&M black crochet beanie 

H&M camo jumpsuit 


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Today was probably the last time I got to step outside in Toronto without a jacket and a hat on for a while…

I seem to have a thing for grey this fall… Especially the grey on grey combo! Today I mixed the grey on grey combo with camo green. Really digging more minimalist and simple looks as of late. My current mindset: Less is more! What’s your favorite color this season?

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Photos by @Offner

Anine Bing double zipper jeans light grey (get them here)

Modern Vice Camo Jetts (get them here)

Zara Green Shirt with gold skull buttons

CRYWOLF sharktooth necklace

Zara TRF oversized tee 


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For today’s WMCFW outfit, I’m keeping warm in my new baggy vegan leather trousers that I can’t get enough of, plus an oversized knit sweater. Love that red is in this season, it’s always been a color that I’ve loved wearing. Last spring, I made a custom pair of Modern Vice Dove Booties in Manhattan that are all red. Stoked to wear them with my knit sweater today.

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 Photos by @Offner

Modern Vice custom Oxblood Dove Bootie (similar one here)

Anine Bing Bohemian black hat (get it here)

M for Mendocino baggy vegan leather pants

Zara oversized knit v-neck sweater 

Aldo Parella bag (get it here)


I may have turned 29, 30 recently, but I still feel like a kid at heart. There’s nothing I love more than being silly, goofing off, playing around and being mesmerized or fascinated by new things. I wonder if I’ll ever grow out of it… but then again, maybe I shouldn’t. These past couple of days, I’ve been having so much fun walking around my city, exploring new places in Toronto and taking photos. It’s become a fun ritual for Offner and I and goes above and beyond taking photos of clothes.

Speaking of never growing out of something, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out or grow tired of wearing leopard print. Only time will tell I guess… But I particularly like these pants that I got a little while ago because they are a more subtle version of leopard print.

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Photos by @Offner

Modern Vice Handler Boot (get it here)

M for Mendocino black tee

H&M grey leopard print pants

Moto Jeans

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit on the blog. Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to whip out my pants again. Though I’m still completely in denial, I’m excited to start layering again, wearing cool coats and vests and rocking some of the new items I recently got for my fall wardrobe. For the second time this season, I’ve completely cleaned out my closet. It’s a scary thing to empty out the closet but my rule is – if I haven’t worn an item in over six months, maybe it’s time I give it to someone who might. I hate clutter and so it’s a good cleansing experience to do a closet cleanup! I’m excited to be adding new pieces to my wardrobe, pieces that I feel reflect more my mood and vibe these days, which I’ve noticed is a lot more minimalist than it used to be. Maybe it’s just a phase I’m going through but as of late, I’ve been wearing a lot less jewelry (but always stick to some daily favs – Stella & Dot bar necklace, COMMUNION By Joy ring, Etsy wave necklace) and a lot less color and prints. I’ve been keeping my outfits to neutrals mostly. I know the season change has a lot to do with it! One thing’s for sure, I was really inspired by all the shows at NYFW last week. In case you missed it, I created a special Pinterest board with some of my favorite runway looks. Check it out here. What are you most excited about for fall?

 photo 2 (19)

photo 3 (17)

photo 5 (8)


photo 4 (16)

 Photos by @Offner

Anine Bing moto Jeans in Washed Black (get them here)

Do Epic Chic tee Song of Style for eLUXE (get it here)

Zara gold stud plaid shirt (similar one here)

Modern Vice custom Oxblood Dove Bootie (similar one here)

COMMUNION By Joy “Rays Of Light” ring (get it here)

Stella & Dot Gold Signature Engravable Bar (get it here)

Wave necklace from Etsy

Engravable Necklace

One of the things I’ve recently been really stoked on are personalized engravable necklaces. I find they add something unique to any outfit. The lovely ladies over at Stella & Dot¬†recently launched their fall collection, which includes a series of pretty customizable and engravable necklaces. I was immediately drawn to their Signature Engravable Bar Necklace, that you can get in either silver or gold. I decided to get myself a super cute gold “MELSAYS” necklace. It’s perfect for layering and for every day wear. I’ve gotten other products from Stella & Dot before and what I like about this brand is their attention to detail. Not only are these products made and delivered incredibly fast, the company also pays special attention to detail, which is always appreciated!

I’m really excited to announce that you too can get yourself a special engravable necklace from Stella & Dot. ENTER THE CONTEST BELOW FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A¬†$25 GIFT CARD¬†FROM STELLA & DOT! The contest runs until August 15th! *Contest open to residents of Canada only*

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photo 2 (12)

photo 3 (11)

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Photos by @Offner

Stella & Dot Gold Signature Engravable Bar (get it here)

Modern Vice Handler Boot (get it here)

The Cast NYC vintage flower dress 

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Prismatic World Tour

I’ve been waiting for tonight since Valentine’s Day! Tonight is Katy Perry‘s World Prismatic Tour debut in Toronto! I was so stoked when I received tickets as a gift from @offner in Miami back in February. I’ve always loved Katy Perry’s magical and colorful universe. I can’t wait to see all the costumes and set tonight! Ready to get my dancing on!!

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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photo 1 (30)

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Photos by @Offner

M for Mendocino’s print shorts

M for Mendocino black tee

Vanessa Mooney With A Tiny Tender Kiss Charm Bracelet White(get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Modern Vice Handler Boot (get it here)

The Best Thing

Gearing up for more summer travels next week. Can’t wait to be back at one of my favorite summer festivals – the Festival d’√©t√© de Qu√©bec in beautiful Quebec City. One of the bands I’m really looking forward to seeing is the Toronto outfit Electric Youth. This song “The Best Thing” has been in my head all day!¬†What summer festivals are you excited for this summer?



Photos by @Offner

H&M felt-print black cut off shorts

Orange retro sunnies from Valencia Street in San Francisco

 Anine Bing boots with silver studs (get them here)

 Forever 21 burnt orange zip pocket tee

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

5 Questions With: Sarah Barthel of Phantogram


A few years ago, while I was working at Indica Records, my boss at the time dropped an EP on my desk and wanted me to tell him what I thought. He had been sent an EP from a band in Saratoga Springs, NY called Phantogram. After my first listen, I was right away drawn to their unique blend of dark cinematic electro pop and the singer’s dreamy voice. I had the chance to go see them live not long after and immediately knew the band was poised for greatness! I was incredibly lucky to work with the band at the beginning of their career in Canada. Not only are Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter incredibly talented, they’re also some of the nicest people in the biz. Fast forward a few years later, with the release of their second full length Voices, Phantogram is now headlining every big festival, selling out venues around the world, playing on all radio formats and taking the world by storm! I couldn’t be prouder of what these guys have accomplished over the past couple of years! One thing that I noticed since I started following the band, is that Sarah always has the best style on and off stage. She always has the coolest moto jackets, leather pants and accessories. Sarah and the rest of Phantogram will be keeping busy this summer playing festivals across North America and Europe. Make sure you go see them live if you haven’t already, they will blow your mind! I beyond thrilled to present to you this week, my 5 Questions with Sarah Barthel of Phantogram:

1) Who were some of your role models or people you looked up to growing up?

David Bowie
Mariah Carey
Whitney Houston
James Brown

2) Can you talk to us about your style evolution from your teens until now? How would you describe your style today?

I spent a lot of time at Salvation Army as a teen looking for old t shirts and jackets. Usually went for classic jeans and chucks.
I tended to dress like a Tom boy growing up. I always wanted to pierce my face somewhere but was too much of a pussy to do that so I ended up piercing the hell out of my ears haha. I always loved keeping a classic look and dressing it up with accessories. I still think that way now. I’ve definitely evolved my footwear by graduating to heels from chucks but I like to keep my look simple with dark colors and dressing up my look with a cool leather jacket and heels with some cool jewels.

3) Has the band’s increase in popularity influenced or changed your personal style? If so, could you tell us how?

Yes definitely. I love the opportunities I get when brands or designers want to dress me. I never got those opportunities before because we weren’t a recognized. Now people want me to wear their clothes so I get to have fun with my style

4) How do you pick out your clothes for tour and stage? What are your tour must-haves?

I usually like a few different looks for a tour. I definitely like to walk out of stage with a cool looking jacket with intentions to take it off after a few songs. 
Must haves: heels that aren’t too scary to run around in!
Bold gold jewelry 
Hair straightener
Dry shampoo

5) Who are some of your favorite designers and/or brands?

All Saints leather
Jeffrey Campbell
J brand
Jeremy Scott 
St Laurent 
Modern vice
Kill City

Wishing you continued success! Thanks Sarah!