My Fall Essentials

With the cool weather slowly creeping in, I wanted to share today some of my fall essentials that will keep me cozy and warm either while out adventuring or while relaxing at home.

1) Native Apollo Rain Shoe – Being a Vancouverite, I know that I will be spending lots of time outdoors regardless of impending rain fall, so having a good pair of rain boots is KEY! I love the Native Shoes boots because they’re so incredibly light and comfortable, they’re easy to slip on and look super sleek. The perfect shoe to keep your feet dry.

2) Stance Hike Socks – Whether for hiking or to keep your feet warm while lounging at home, the Stance hike socks are the perfect blend of merino wool, polyester, cotton and nylon fibers that help keep your feet cool while also pulling moisture away faster. They also come in a cool variety of patterns!

3) Escents Squalane Enriching Body Oil – With colder weather comes dry skin, so I’ve been using this great new all-natural oil from Escents that contains Olive Squalane, Rose Hip Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil. It penetrates deep to hydrate without clogging pores and also reducing dark spots, improves skin tone, treats fine lines and wrinkles, just to name a few.

4) Saje Aromagem 2.0 Gold Diffuser – This diffuser is has become my go-to relaxation technique. The Saje diffuser is super easy to use and can mist for up to 4.5 hours. It is quiet and super energy efficient and can also be used as a humidifier. You can diffuse all of your favourite Saje 100% natural essential oils with it!

5) Brunette The Label Crew Sweater – Cozy sweaters are an absolute must for me in the fall. I recently discovered this awesome Vancouver brand called Brunette The Label. They’ve got super cute tees and oversized sweaters that have really simple writing on them. I am definitely fond of their new special “Redhead” collection!

6) Botanica Turmeric Golden Mylk – This is my absolute go-to fall drink. This organic Botanica ayurvedic beverage is comforting and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. The mylk is made from turmeric, coconut, ashwagandha and black pepper. There are no fillers or artificial ingredients. It mixes great with warm coconut or even almond milk!

What are your fall must-haves?

Motorcycle Lessons


This weekend, I’ll be realizing one of my lifelong dreams to ride a motorcycle. After thinking about doing lessons for years, with a little extra push from my fiancé, I’ve finally decided to give it a shot. For years growing up, I would always watch all the reality television bike shows: Orange County Choppers, West Coast Choppers, Great Biker Build Off, etc. and became a complete bike fan. That said, I’ve never had the opportunity to hope on a bike or go for a ride. I recently made a list of things I wanted to within the next five years and learning how to ride a motorcycle was pretty much at the top of my list. So I figured, why not now?! Make sure you follow my motorcycle journey, I’ll be posting videos on snapchat from the lessons this weekend. Follow @melsays!

Happy Friday everyone!



Photos by @Offner

Native Shoes Apollo Moc – Jiffy Black / Shell White (get it here)

Anine Bing boyfriend jeans cropped

H&M leather jacket 

M for Mendocino White Tee

Meet the Apollo

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True story: When I was a child, I met an astronaut from Apollo 14. His name is Edgar Mitchell (look him up, his story is badass!). My mom was organizing a tourism event in Montreal and she got to go pick up the delegates at the airport. Knowing how much of a space nerd I was and that I wanted to be an astronaut (yes, I went through a phase as a child where I wanted to be an astronaut, didn’t we all?), she let me skip school for a day so that I could go greet Edgar Mitchell at the airport and drive him to his hotel. I remember asking him as many questions as I could on the ride to the hotel. I asked him about the Apollo 14 mission, UFOs (which he says he’s seen a bunch in his lifetime!), going on the moon (he became the 6th person to ever walk on the moon!), life as an astronaut, etc. I remember being so captivated by the stories he shared with me. When he left, he signed a piece of paper for me and gave me an Apollo 14 pin. I can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my childhood. I had met an astronaut! The summer after, I enrolled in space camp and spent the following year being even more obsessed with everything space-related. Though, my desire to be an astronaut lessened as I became a teenager, to this day I remain fascinated by the skies and the Apollo missions!

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Photos by @Offner

Native Shoes Apollo Moc – Jiffy Black / Shell White (get it here)

Fjallraven Duffel No. 5 (get it here)

Anine Bing Cropped Jeans with slit – charcoal (get them here)

Monday Treats

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Starting my week off with these colorful treats to brighten up the start of my work week. Long day ahead! I’ll be co-hosting the Polaris Prize pre-show livestream starting at 7pm EST this evening on AUX.TV. If you’re a fan of Canadian music, make sure you watch tonight’s show! You can tune in live here. Jay Baruchel will be hosting the main gala that starts at 8pm EST.

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 Photos by @Offner

Native Shoes Jericho Womens Botanical Print (get them here)

Zara white denim pants

M for Mendocino white tee

Zara Green Shirt with gold skull buttons

Urban Outfitters felt slouch fedora (get it here)


photo (80)

Happy Canada Day!! Spent a fun day off scouting locations today for a brand new music video that I’ll be styling this weekend. I’m beyond excited to be styling my second official music video. Thus far, it’s been a really fun and challenging experience because the video entails a lot of different eras and characters. In addition, it’s always a challenge to work on a very small budget. I’m definitely putting my School of Style knowledge to use! I can’t wait to share with you all some pictures from the shoot and the finished product. Though I can’t unveil just yet who I’m working with, I can tell you that this artist is taking the Canadian hip hop world by storm!

photo 5 (30)

photo 2

photo 3 (82)

photo 4 (48)

photo 1

Photos by @Offner

Native Shoes Jericho Womens Botanical Print (get them here)

Zara scoop neck white tee 

Verameat Peace Hand necklace (get it here)

Forever 21 stripped shorts 

Summer Is Around The Corner #DailyOutfit

Summer is definitely around the corner! Today was the most beautiful and warmest day yet in Toronto! To celebrate, Offner and I took a long walk home from work along Lake Ontario. I also wore my comfy new Botanical Jerichos from Native Shoes. These shoes go with just about everything. I’m excited to bring them with me to Europe next week, they will be perfect for long walks and exploring. Also love their #KeepItLite motto, perfect to bring in a suitcase 😉


photo 3 (72)


Photos by @Offner

Native Shoes Jericho Womens Botanical Print (get them here)

Anine Bing Skinny Jeans Double Zipper Black (get them here)

OIA Jules Baby Jaws Necklace (similar one here)

H&M neon floral top

Vintage sunnies 

FBOMB Fall/Winter Press Preview

Today was FBOMB’s Fall Winter 2014 Press Preview in Toronto. I was really excited to be able to check out some of the rad brands they represent including Stance socks (that I posted about yesterday here!) and also Native Shoes (the comfiest pair of shoes I own!! You can check out my post here). The lovely crew from Dela Cruz PR and FBOMB Trading welcomed us with yummy snacks, drinks and gave us a great tour around their different brands.


photo 2 (96)

photo 3 (66)

 Not only was I happy to check out the new lines from some of the brands I already love but I was also really excited to make some new discoveries. One of the things I was most excited about was all the L*Space swimwear on display. It’s really hard for me to find a fashionable yet “functional” bathing suit for surfing and at the press preview tonight, I found just the suit. I absolutely love their new line because you can mix and match all of their pieces, they have great colors and also some “sportier” looks that can be worn when doing more than just taking a dip in the pool or a hot tub! I can totally see myself wearing some of these while surfing this summer!!

fb2 2

I was super curious to see what was new in the world of Etnies and I was happy to see they’ve really updated the brand and now have some more “fitness” style shoes. Loved the different fabrics and colors! I remember owning a pair of Etnies in high school, trying to fit in with all the skater kids… Happy to see the brand has modernized and is still making cool shoes!

Being a big music lover, I was also excited to see Marshall and Urbanears Headphones being represented. I find it hard to find a good pair of headphones that are good for travel, that don’t hurt your ears after listening to music all day and that are also stylish. But I think I found what I was looking for tonight!

photo 4 (39)

Finally, a great line of eyewear from KOMONO were also on display. Love all the different styles, mirrored lenses, and colors! What’s great is that they are all around the $70 price point! Wohoo!

photo 5 (25)

A personal favorite of the press preview – they were serving a cheese platter from The Cheese Boutique! I couldn’t resist!

Keep It Lite #DailyOutfit

With spring finally deciding to show  up, I couldn’t be more excited to have received an amazing package from British Columbia (by the way, I’m so due for a visit soon!!) this past weekend. I got some rad new shoes from a Canadian brand called Native Shoes. You may have heard of them already if you’re a big Trouble Andrew fan as he is one of the brand’s ambassadors. You may have also seen their super colorful and quirky ad campaigns, they kind of look straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. If not, a bunch of celebrities including Obama‘s daughters have been spotted sporting these kicks. The reason why I love these shoes so much is that a) as their motto states, they’re super lite and also comfy, b) they’re the perfect post-surfing/wakeboarding/SUP shoe because they’re waterproof and easy to clean c) they’re Canadian!! I’m also a big fan of all of the colors they have for the spring.

photo (67)

Though it’s still a little too chilly to sport them every day, I figured I’d take them out for a trial run today on this beautiful Monday along with my new Anine Bing cropped jeans. What are some of the clothes you’re excited to wear now that the weather has gotten a tiny bit warmer?! Let me know!

photo 3 (60)

photo 1 (82)

Photos by @Offner

H&M off-white quilted moto jacket

Anine Bing Cropped Jeans with slit – charcoal (get them here)

Native Shoes Jericho Womens – Jiffy Black (get them here)

Zara black and white striped tee (similar one here)

TOPSHOP mixed metals necklace