10 Ways to Preserve your Mental Health during these Uncertain Times

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a proper blog post other than a few posts here and there, but in light of what’s been going on around the world I’m compelled to share some of the things that I have been doing to preserve my mental health and relax as much as possible while being asked to stay at home. I hope that some of these things can also help you get through the next little while!

1) Download the Calm App – I’ve been overcome with a lot of anxiety as of late, as I’m sure many of you have. I recently downloaded the Calm app, a great app for meditation, relaxing music, story time, etc. I’ve committed to doing at least 10 mins of mindfulness or meditation a day, which I find has already been helping me a ton. There are other great apps like Headspace, Oak, Relax Meditation, etc.

2) Take some online classes – With a lot more free time due to contracts being cancelled, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to do some additional learning. There are a handful of classes being offered online for free at the moment, so why not seize this opportunity to learn something new? Since I’m expecting my first child in less than two months, I’ve decided to gain a better understanding of the pelvic floor and diastasis recti, with the help of Dr. Sarah Duvall‘s free online courses.

3) Discover new music – Music has always had the power to heal in my opinion. In times of stress and anxiety, I’ve always turned to music as a way to let out how I’m feeling. We’re lucky to have so many great music streaming services at our disposal these days such as Apple Music and Spotify. I love being able to discover new tracks and playlists that are curated based on moods, genres, etc. This above playlists is one of my current favs.

4) Workout from home – If going for a walk, running or cycling isn’t your thing, there are tons of free apps available online that provide great HIIT, no equipment, full body workouts that you can do from home. Some of my favourite free workout apps include Nike Training App, Sweat (you get 7 days free!), Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer, Seven – 7 Minute Workout. If yoga is more your thing, there are lots of free online yoga workouts on Youtube and a lot of local yoga studios are offering daily or weekly videos online either via Instagram or Facebook. Moreover, several boutique fitness studios in cities around the world are offering free live classes that they will stream via Instagram. Lots of ways to stay active even from home!

5) Clean/Declutter your home – Since being asked to stay at home, there’s no better time than now to do your spring cleaning, declutter your home and put things in a donation pile. With a move potentially coming later this spring, it’s a great way to go through everything and see what I want to take with me or donate. Plus there’s no greater feeling than spending time in a place that is clean and organized!

6) Catch up on the latest podcasts – With so many amazing podcasts now available online, why not take the time to catch up on some of your favourites. Some of my favourites include: Joe Rogan, Rich Roll, Anna Faris, Trail Running Women, Sibling Revelry, Armchair Expert & more!

7) Get some fresh air & vitamin D – Although it has just been announced here in Canada that all national parks have been closed, if you can get outside for a quick walk or for a bit of sunlight and nature, your body and mind will thank you. Vitamin D is key in keeping your health on track. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are the best way to fight this pandemic.

8) Stay in touch with your friends & loved ones – We’re so lucky to live in a time where we can not only stay in touch via phone but also via video messaging, group chats, group video calls, emails, etc. My family in France and I have created a group email chain, some of our friends have created Whatsapp groups, etc. Although in-person meetings are being cancelled, virtual meetings with your friends and loved ones from all around the world don’t have to be.

9) Watch stand-up comedies, your favourite movies/series – Laughter is key to help fight anxiety and to relax. I’ve been making it a point to watch a lot of stand up comedies as well as some of my favourite movies and series to help boost my mood. One of my favourite discoveries this week has been Taylor Tomlinson’s Quarter-Life Crisis. Tons of great content on Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

10) Practice self-care – This can mean so many different things to everyone. For me, it has meant trying to sleep more, taking the time to up my skincare routines, taking baths, making delicious plant-based homemade meals, going for runs, reading, etc. Take this opportunity to take care of yourself, it’s primordial in preserving your mental health.

Share with me what are some of the things you’ve been doing during the past couple of days to stay relaxed and keep anxiety at bay while we’re all at home. Never thought we would be going through something like this but we are all in this together. Sending much love and health to you all!

Mel xo


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What do you do in your downtime? Are you someone who likes to read? I realized recently that I read less than 10 books this past year. How scary is that? I used to read all the time but with the advent of Netflix, getting and iPad, blogging, etc., most of the downtime I spend indoors is connected to some form of technology. I got a major reality check this month when Offner and I rented a house in Malibu in the middle of the canyon with no wifi, no tv and basically no technology whatsoever. What else is there to do at night when you take technology away? We’re so tied to it that it feels funny at first to not be able to “refresh” your twitter, instagram, etc. every 5 minutes.

We decided to embrace this lack of technology and found ourselves playing games (mimes anyone?), talking a lot more and reading a bunch before going to bed each night. It was actually quite calming. Though I’m not one to make yearly resolutions every January, one of the things I will make a conscious effort to do more this year is to read. It’s another form of relaxation that I often overlook and want to make sure I don’t as much in the future.

I’m always looking for reading suggestions so if you’ve got any good books you’d like to share, comment below! ūüėÄ

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Fjällräven Ovik melange beanie (get it here)

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Flower Blouse #DailyOutfit

Happy Friday everyone! Excited for a relaxed weekend at home before the Canadian Music Week madness begins! I’ve been hiding from the rain all week watching all the latest episodes of Kitchen Nightmares and also the amazing new season of Anthony Bourdain‘s Parts Unkown. If you’ve watched some of his shows before, you know that Anthony Bourdain’s shows are beautifully shot, feature some of the yummiest food and some of the dreamiest locations in the world. The latest season of Parts Unknown is no exception. As someone with a serious case of wanderlust, watching the show just makes me want to travel even more! The latest episode on Lyon, a place I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to (I even ate at the same place at Bourdain – Comptoir Abel!) is magical! Also watching it with Offner, a Lyon-native made it that much more special. I’ve grown really fond of anything Bourdain does and highly recommend watching any of his series (No Reservations, The Layover and Parts Unknown). The first two seasons of Parts Unknown are available on Netflix. This Sunday – it’s Mexico!! Can’t wait!


For today’s outfit, I’m dressing down a beautiful white flower silk blouse from Zara with black skinny jeans, beige ankle boots and a few dainty gold rings.

Stay tuned Sunday for a brand new 5 Questions With interview! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

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Zara white silk flower blouse 

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It’s a grey Monday today in Toronto! Exciting news if you’re a fan of basketball in Toronto. It was announced this morning that¬†Drake was named the “Global Ambassador” for the Raptors¬†and also that the NBA All-Star game will be coming to Toronto in 2016. Neato!

I spent a lovely weekend at home hanging out with friends, cooking, catching up on Netflix docs and watching the Breaking Bad finale with a group of BB enthusiasts. I had actually never watched the series before so it was funny to see just how into it people really were. Look at these cupcakes!!

photo 1 (12)

I also checked out the brand new Denis Villeneuve film, his first real “Hollywood” production called Prisoners yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the flick. Not only was it super well shot, the story kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time and the acting was really strong. Hugh Jackman¬†and Jake Gyllenhaal deliver really poignant performances. Definitely worth seeing!


Really into red these days. Can’t seem to stay away from that color! What is your current favorite color?

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Pastel flowers #DailyOutfit

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I finally made it back to Toronto last night after being away for almost two weeks. I had a wonderful time at the Francofolies again this year! Happy to be home for a few days before heading to Quebec City for the Festival d’√©t√© de Qu√©bec.

Last night I watched a great doc on Netflix called Confessions of a Superhero, about the men and women who dress up as superheros on Hollywood Boulevard in LA. If you’ve been around the Kodak Theatre or walked along Hollywood Blvd., I’m sure you’ve seen a Superman or a Hulk or some other superhero posing with tourists and asking for tips. I’ve always wondered if these people made a good living doing that and why they chose that profession. I found the doc to be super informative and really interesting. To know more about the men and women wearing these costumes, check it out!



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Shades of Green #DailyOutfit

Happy Tuesday!

Was at work ridiculously early this morning to start editing the last batch of stuff we filmed in Regina at the Juno Awards.

Last night I watched the cutest and most touching documentary called Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey. Like most, I grew up watching Sesame Street. Growing up with a French mother, it was important for her that I watched television in English. Every morning as a child, I would watch Mr. Dressup followed by Sesame Street. Elmo was definitely one of my favorite puppets because he was so cute and loveable. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, the doc tells the story of Kevin Clash, who grew up in Baltimore making puppets, performing for children in his neighborhood and never letting go of his dream of meeting Jim Henson and working on Sesame Street. It’s available on Netflix for anyone interested in watching it. Smiles guaranteed!

being elmo

For today’s outfit, I’m wearing diferent shades of green, not only in my clothes but also in my accessories. I LOVE my new Uranium Lois Lane green stone necklace from their Spring/Summer 2013 collection and my new green Biko Jewellery chainmaille bracelet. I also love my new TOPSHOP Henry Holland Suspender tights that my bf got me yesterday. Perfect weather to wear them today!

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Zara diagonal zip studded green blazer

HM green sleeveless embroidered blouse (similar one here)

Urban Outfitters jean shorts (similar ones here)

TOPSHOP Henry Holland suspender tights (get them here)

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