5 Questions With: Lyndsey Butler of VEDA


Leather jackets, have become a staple in everyone’s closet. A must-have item for rock n’ rollers at heart, fashionistas and everyone in between. Today, the leather jacket is worn all year round and can be found in different shapes, styles, colors, etc. VEDA, is a NYC brand that was founded by the ultra talented Lyndsey Butler. Their specialty: the perfect leather jacket. Lyndsey and her team will be celebrating this September, the one year anniversary of their flagship store in SoHo and are already hard at work on their upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection that will feature bold colors and prints, a new avenue for the brand. VEDA also has plans to go beyond their leather roots as they continue to expand the brand. VEDA recently partnered up with another amazing NYC designer Pamela Love to create a unique line of dreamy biker jackets. I had the chance to stop by the store in SoHo was I was in NYC to check them out, I could have bought every single item!! If you have yet to discover VEDA, I hope that this interview with the brand’s founder will make you want to check it out. Here are my 5 Questions with Lyndsey Butler of VEDA:

1) What made you want to become a designer? When did you start your career?

I just wanted to make things I wanted to wear, but that I couldn’t find anywhere else.
I started VEDA in 2008.

2) Who are your fashion icons?

My mom, Georgia O’Keeffe, Cher Horowitz, John Waters, Phoebe Philo, Debbie Harry, Nico, David Lynch, Kinky Friedman.

3) Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

Everywhere. Living and working in New York City is a huge source of inspiration; the people, the culture and the energy. I also get a lot of inspiration from movies, books, art and travel. As a designer I am constantly absorbing (everything) and then drawing on my personal experiences to create.

4) The leather jacket is a classic piece and a wardrobe staple. What in your opinion makes a good leather jacket?

The most important components are the leather quality and the fit. For me personally, the perfect leather jacket is made from a soft lightweight leather and the fit is slimming but not fitted.

5) A lot of badass babes have been seen sporting VEDA designs. What have been some career highlights thus far?

Oh that’s a fun question… It is always cool and exciting to see who ends up in one of out pieces. Recently, we have had a lot of funny women wearing VEDA, like Gillian Jacobs, Nasim Pedrad, and Abby Elliott, and that couldn’t make me happier. Last season, Kate Bosworth wore one of our jackets and that was great because she is known for her great style.

5 Questions With: Langley Fox

clarke tolton

Photo by: Clarke Tolton

Langley Fox is a not only a beautiful model but she is also an incredibly talented artist. For the past couple of years, I’ve been following her career via social media. She modelled for some of my favorite designers including Toronto’s Beaufille and has the raddest personal style – she’s always wearing Pamela Love jewels and has coolest combination of rock n’ roll and bohemian clothes. I love her Instagram feed because it is where she often publishes some of her latest artwork. I think all of her sketches are stunning, so much so that this past spring, I got one of her flower drawings tattooed on my arm (you can see it here) by my favorite tattoo artist Dr. Woo. I am extremely touched that this hardworking artist took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions. Here’s my 5 Questions With Langley Fox:

1) When did you start making art? Do you recall the first drawing that really marked you and made you think this was something you wanted to pursue?

I have always drawn since I was able to hold a pencil, like most kids I believe. I know that as a child I drew star people everywhere because it was something I was good at, I don’t think I thought they were remarkable or anything but I enjoyed making them. I decided I definitely wanted to be an artist the moment I realized you could make a “grown up” career out of it, which was around kindergarten.  

2) What inspires your art?

I get inspired by all sorts of things, such as visual imagery, conversations with friends and family, nature, dreams… Really any life experience can stem an idea. 

 3) In addition to being an artist, you are also a model. How do these two careers influence each other?

In my opinion these careers are almost complete opposites. Drawing stimulates the introvert in me and keeps me focused and creative, whereas modeling forces me to be an extrovert, be spontaneous, and go with the flow. Obviously I feel much safer as an artist but modeling has pushed me out of my comfort zone which I think is important to do in ones life. I now feel like they somehow balance each other out and I’m inspired by both. 

4) Can you talk to us about your style evolution from your teens until now? How has working as a model, traveling and shooting with different brands and designers influenced your style?

I have always approached dressing as another creative outlet; my body is just another canvas for me that I get to have fun with from one day to the next. It really isn’t about designer names or brands (not that I don’t love some of them), it’s more about having fun and dressing like a different character. My mind state on the matter really hasn’t changed since I was a kid, just the quality of clothes and skills to put them together. 

5) What have been some of your most memorable moments thus far in your career?

The artist commissions I have completed, such as Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton! For modeling it has been working with Michel Comte and his team, they are true artists themselves and I am honored to add to their vision. 

5 Questions With: Mish Way of White Lung


White Lung is a punk band from Vancouver fronted by the super talented badass femme fatale MISH WAY. The band just released their third record Deep Fantasy via Domino on June 17th. For those who have yet to see them live, Mish and her band leave it all out on the stage and are one of country’s sickest live acts. Mish is a beast and killer performer. In addition to being a kick-ass frontwoman, she is also a great lyricist and writer. She currently writes for VICE, Noisey Music and other renown publications. White Lung play The Garrison in Toronto tonight and will be on the road throughout the summer. Here are my 5 Questions With: Mish Way of White Lung:

1) Who were some of your role models or people you looked up to growing up?

Pamela Anderson.

2) Can you talk to us about your style evolution from your teens until now? How would you describe your style today? (you can provide us with photos if you’d like)

When I was a teen I had a perm for a while then pink and purple hair then I started doing stuff like piercings and ugly tattoos like most dumb suburban piles do to rebel. I got into thrifting, again like most. I always was a little tomboyish. I wasn’t secure about my body but once I started to feel good about my curves and my sex appeal it was easier to experiment with fashion because all fashion is is confidence. Now I swear by high waisted black jeans, big black heels and tons of jewelry. I love leopard too. The crazier the woman the more leopard she wears, at least that’s what my friend Sam always says. 

3) How do you pick out your clothes for tour and stage? What are your tour must-haves?

I’m on tour right now and I packed horribly. I was so sick of living out of a bag for months and so when I packed my man was distracting me. I have to go shopping today in Philly. On tour my must haves are black high waisted jeans, lots of comfy t shirts I can sweat in, my leopard kimono, black slip, black tights and fishnets, endless underwear, baby powder, perfume, all my jewelry and my black leather jacket (it was a hand me down from my friend Ryan, it’s the perfect men’s motorcycle leather all boxy and beat)

4) Who are some of your favorite designers and/or brands?

Anita Sikma is my favorite jewelry designer. Her pieces are incredible. I also really like Pamela Love and she has gifted me some great pieces over the years of us knowing one another. I’m a big fan of Michael Kors purses, the real big New Jersey mall mom bags in metallic leathers. And Ann Demeaulemeester shoes. Her footwear is killer. I have one pair of her shoes. They are these black pony hair ankle boots. They are my favorite piece I own but I broke the heel off when we played 285 kent farewell shows in New York earlier in January. I was so mad. I’m also big on Wildfox, not so much the cute shirts but the woven sweaters and sunglasses  it’s a solid line. Very pretty.

5) Your third record Deep Fantasy is out since June 17th via Domino Recording Co. and is just as energetic and thought-provoking as your previous efforts. Where do you draw inspiration for your music?

My life, the mistakes I make and the repercussions. 

The Best Thing

Gearing up for more summer travels next week. Can’t wait to be back at one of my favorite summer festivals – the Festival d’été de Québec in beautiful Quebec City. One of the bands I’m really looking forward to seeing is the Toronto outfit Electric Youth. This song “The Best Thing” has been in my head all day! What summer festivals are you excited for this summer?



Photos by @Offner

H&M felt-print black cut off shorts

Orange retro sunnies from Valencia Street in San Francisco

 Anine Bing boots with silver studs (get them here)

 Forever 21 burnt orange zip pocket tee

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Romper #DailyOutfit

You’ve probably been seeing them on racks everywhere this season, but if you haven’t noticed them yet, rompers and jumpsuits are in! The only bad news is if you’re a little on the tall side like myself, good luck finding a jumpsuit with legs that are long enough. But the good news is that you can get all sorts of rompers from just about anywhere!

I recently won a contest through Dainty Girl‘s blog, which allowed me to go shopping at the new & improved Mendocino at the Holt Renfrew Center in Toronto to update my summer wardrobe. I immediately fell for this super cute romper. I like it because it’s easy to wear, light and can be dressed up or down. Today, I paired it with a bohemian hat, a leather jacket and some cute nude ankle boots. But you can also wear it with espadrilles, sandals, etc.

Have a lovely weekend friends!! xo

photo 3

photo 4

photo 3 (76)

Photos by @Offner

Mendocino spotted romper

Anine Bing Bohemian black hat

Target beige ankle boots 

Pamela Love High Tide Pendant (get it here)

H&M black faux leather bomber jacket


Sunny Day #DailyOutfit

What a beautiful day in Toronto today! A perfect day to wear some yellow if you ask me! Yesterday I received my brand new custom Modern Vice boots! I’m so excited about these two new pairs. I especially love the custom handmade Oxblood Dove Bootie! Can’t wait to show you the looks I put together in the next couple of days!!

photo (72)


photo 2 (98)

photo 3 (68)

Photos by @Offner

Modern Vice Camo Jetts (get them here)

H&M skinny beige trousers (get them here)

Zara TRF oversized tee 

Pamela Love High Tide Pendant (get it here)

Topshop clean edge fedora hat (similar one here)

Patio Days #DailyOutfit

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Getting excited for the next couple of weeks. Not only is Canadian Music Week (have you made your schedule yet? Who are you excited to see?) two weeks away, but there are also a lot of travel plans in the works for the next couple of months! Traveling has become such an important part of my life. The more I travel, the more I feel energized, inspired and grounded. I also learn so much from all of my trips. I can’t wait to tell you what my next big destination will be!

In the meantime, I’m excited for spending more and more time outdoors (so excited about the new little patio that Offner has created for us, yay!!) and finally being able to wear my ripped jeans a lot more. Ripped jeans are everywhere this season. You can get them pretty much everywhere. The ones I’m wearing today are from Anine Bing. I like that they only have one small hole at the knee, so it’s still pretty discreet. You can also make your own ripped jeans. I like this Free People tutorial that you can check out here. I have yet to try it out myself but may do so with one of my older pairs of jeans.

photo 2 (88)

photo 1 (93)

Photos by @Offner

Anine Bing Cropped Jeans with slit – charcoal (get them here)

H&M Striped black and white blazer

Steve Madden ECNTRC-C flats (get them here)

Pamela Love High Tide Pendant (get it here)

H&M graphic masquerade ball tee

Karl Lagerfeld ’7′ Beveled Bezel Bracelet Watch (get it here)

Spring Denim #DailyOutfit

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a restful and beautiful weekend! Happy to finally be able to bring out some lighter shades of trousers now that the weather is warmer and that it’s more “appropriate” to do so. I got these rad pale denim skinny moto trousers during my last visit to LA. I’m so obsessed with the Anine Bing jeans I had bought last summer that I had to get new pairs and this one seemed perfect for the spring and summer. I’ve never owned too many pairs of light denim but these were just too cool to pass up. Plus, they look awesome with a lot of bright colors!

A little music inspiration to end your day – HAIM! In case you missed their set at Coachella this weekend, you can watch it in full HD –> here.

photo 1 (88)

photo 2 (83)

 Photos by @Offner

Anine Bing Skinny Jeans Double Zipper – Light Denim (get them here)

Pamela Love x Nine West brick moto booties 

Urban Outfitters neon print poncho 

Biko Jaci Necklace – Lilac (get it here)

April Fools #DailyOutfit

Today, one of my favorite new bands called Language Arts released a brand new record. The band’s leader Kristen reminds me a lot of Lisa Loeb with her glasses and her style of singing. You can stream Wonderkind in full here. Listening to the record on repeat helped me get through the day (feeling ill again, boo!), particularly this song – “Oh Tangible World”. Here’s a cute acoustic version:

Happy I’m able to take my Pamela Love boots back out. As one of my friends Nicole noticed the other day, ankle boots seem to be all the rage now that the weather is warming up. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a HUGE fan of ankle boots. I think they’re totally worth investing in because they go with just about anything: skinnies, dresses, skirts, shorts, etc. You can also find a good pair of ankle boots for under $200. One of my favorite maker of ankle boots is a brand from NYC called Modern Vice. They’ve got just about every style and color imaginable and are handmade right in Manhattan. Though a bit more pricey, they’re definitely worth the money. During my last trip to NYC I was able to order two new pairs, which I can’t wait to show you! Do you have a favorite pair of ankle boots?

photo 1 (83)

photo 2 (78)

photo 3 (61)

Photos by @Offner

Biko Neon Blue Colby necklace (get it here)

Pamela Love x Nine West brick moto booties 

TOPSHOP Moto Wine Supersoft Skinny Leigh Jeans (get them here)

H&M black oversized blazer (similar one here)

Zara basic blue scoop neck shirt

Front And Company Firebird ring