fullsizeFANFIT, Canada’s Olympic Fitness Challenge will be taking place in Toronto for the first time on Saturday April 30th at the University of Toronto’s Gold Ring Centre. This multi-station fitness challenge is open to everyone and will allow every participant to not only compete against peers but also against some of the country’s top athletes.

FANFIT not only connects participants to Canada’s top-level athletes but also helps Canadian Olympians get the financial support they need to train more effectively in preview of competitions. The Canadian Olympic Foundation is the official charitable benefactor of this challenge, 30% of the registration price from each participant is donated to the charity. The Canadian Olympic Foundation’s goal is to support not only current but also future Olympians in Canada. The foundation provides support, profile and financial backing for athletes.

I’m excited to have the chance to take part in this amazing fitness challenge. FANFIT originated in Halifax three years ago and is now coming to Toronto next month for the very first time. Having been a fan of the Olympics ever since I was a kid, this will give me the opportunity to compete against some of the athletes I most look up to.

The challenge is broken into 5 stations that will test strength and endurance. The stations are: the rowing machine, the shuttle run (20 metre beep test), the agility test (pro agility combine), the vertical jump and the plank.

FullSizeRender (99)fullsize2 2The 5 minute plank progression station will be a hard one. 1st minute – feet wide, 2nd minute – feet shoulder width, 3rd minute – feet together, 4th & 5th minutes – alternating 10 second foot raises.

It’s pretty neat to think that potentially, I will be going toe to toe and participating in these stations at the same time as top Canadian athletes. This will be a huge motivator for me and will definitely push me to give it my best effort. Though I have been training hard this past year and a half to really increase my fitness level, I’m sure this experience will also be very humbling.

FullSizeRender (97)FullSizeRender (100)FullSizeRender (98)FullSizeRender (96)FullSizeRender (95)I remember doing the beep test in high school and I never excelled in it. I’m hoping my recent speed run training will help!

There is an impressive roster of Olympic athletes who have already signed up to be a part of FANFIT in Toronto and two of these athletes are gymnast Katrina Cameron, who participated in the 2012 London Olympics and half-pipe snowboarder Katie Tsuyuki, who represented Canada at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

Katie GPWhy did you want to participate in FANFIT?

Katie: I want to participate in the FANFIT challenge because it’s a great cause. Raising money for the Canadian Olympic Foundation is needed and appreciated by all who have Olympic dreams. I don’t make enough money as an athlete to donate dollars, so I am happy to donate my time to support the foundation. I am also interested in the people it will draw out. I bet a lot of people are shy to go up against Olympians. I imagine there are a bunch of cross fitters who aren’t. It will be an interesting day. 

Katrina: Being fit has always been such a fundamental and important part of my lifestyle and I want to encourage and motivate others to be fit as well. I’ve always excelled in my sport and am very good at what I do, but I thought it would be fun to get out of my comfort zone and try to do other activities that I’m not used to doing (ex. Rowing, or running…these are three of the stations that I will be partaking in during FANFIT). For me FANFIT won’t be about winning or being the best, rather it will be about getting active, pushing myself, and having fun doing it!

What do you think will be your toughest station to accomplish?

Katie: I think the toughest station is a toss up between the row and the shuttle run. Considering a halfpipe run is over in a minute, I don’t train for much over that time of work. Running shuttles takes a while and the row, although it’s only 2 minutes, feels like forever. I am positive I will accomplish them, but I doubt I will enjoy much of it.  

Katrina: I think for me I will struggle with both the 1000m row and the vertical jump test. I’ve never done rowing before so I will definitely struggle with that! I’ve always been extremely flexible and have relied on my flexibility to help me excel in my sport, but the vertical jump station requires a lot of strength and a big burst of it within seconds so that might be difficult.

11745737_10153596631417384_7880059036777986310_nWhat are you most looking forward to at the event?

Katie: I am most looking forward to meeting the people and hearing their stories, this is always a highlight for me. From Olympians, to aspiring athletes, to the people who train for life, there are lots of reasons why we are interested in sport. It’s the common denominator between us all so there is much to talk about and learn from each other at the event.   

Katrina: I’m looking forward to meeting new people. I’m an extrovert and love socializing and making friends, so I’ll definitely have a fun time at an event like FANFIT! I’m also looking forward to watching the athletic and active individuals that will be partaking in this event because they’ll be pushing their limits and I find that to be very inspiring and motivating.

12189532_1708264526058323_5178864574500814116_nIf you’re interested in seeing how you measure up against Canada’s top-level athletes or if you just want to come out and have a great time amongst family, friends and meet amazing people, make sure you sign up for this year’s FANFIT challenge on April 30th at the Gold Ring Centre in Toronto. Get $10 off your registration when you sign up using the following promo code: FANFIT10.

Until then… I will keep working on my plank!

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Photos by: @Offner