Riding Through Winter

Though winter hasn’t officially begun, I’ve been feeling major wintery vibes since I landed during a snowstorm in Quebec last week.

My winter season started extra early last month in BC when I took my board and skis to two local mountains on their respective opening day. Since moving to BC, one of my winter goals has been to ride more and get better at snowboarding, especially in powder. Growing up out east, I never got to ski or ride in powder so this has become an important objective of mine.

Having access to world-class skiing and snowboarding resorts and conditions just make me that much more excited about getting out there and doing it as much as possible for the next couple of months. I’m also hoping to do my first ever AVI course later this winter so that I can have the most knowledge and be the safest when riding on this new terrain.

Skiing and riding in BC has lots of advantages compared to the east. Not only is the terrain a lot bigger, the fresh powder is unreal and the weather is always a little warmer. That said, having the right gear for playing in the snow is so key! With the help of Sport Chek, I was able to pick a bunch of accessories that will make my skiing and riding season that much more enjoyable. From a warm Helly Hansen base layer, to new Burton gloves and Spy Optics goggles, they have all of the winter essentials you may need.

Leaving Quebec tomorrow and headed to Europe and the Alps for some epic riding. Can’t wait to bring these accessories along with me for the ride!

This post was written in collaboration with Sport Chek, but all opinions are my own. 

5 Questions With: Kim Churchill


I first met Kim Churchill, I believe it was 5 years ago now (already!) during Canadian Music Week in March in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel. At the time, I was working for Indica Records doing marketing, publicity, artist development, etc. My boss had heard of Kim, the Aussie guitar prodigy and one-man-band who at the time was still in his teens. He was interested in potentially signing him, so I was asked to check out one of his shows during the festival. From the first time I saw him play, I was floored. What a voice, what a presence and energy and what a wonderful storyteller. I was lucky enough to be a part of the start of Kim’s career in Canada, spending time driving him to shows, helping him at festivals with interviews and so on. One of my favorite memories from working with Kim was kayaking with him and Elmo, his right-hand man at the time, before one of his shows at O’Soleil Bar in Lac St-Jean. Kim’s career has grown exponentially since, so I was really stoked to get to ask him a few questions about his upcoming third record and also about his second passion and one of mine – surfing!

1 – Your third effort Silence Win is out on April 1st, in a few words, how would you summarize this record and your recording experience in Ucluelet?

KIM: It was the first time I think I have really matured to the point of approaching it calmly. In the past I have had such a strong desire to succeed. Sometimes this could really inhibit me. Ucluelet definitely helped relax and find a calm place to let the music just out. The whole thing just unfolded with complete ease and joy. I think its so lovely when these things happen.

2 – What do you want people to feel as they’re listening to Silence Win?

KIM: Interesting question. I don’t know that I ever personally focus on what people will feel. I focus on correctly transferring my own emotions and humanity into the music and then leave it for each person’s individual interpretation. On a basic level, I hope they enjoy it and find a solace.

3 – How does surfing and music complement each other?

KIM: Well I think that surfing is a very exciting way of being physical. It also involved a lot of trust in yourself and the ocean. The ocean is a very dangerous beast and I it a great metaphor for life in general. It can throw you around, nearly drown you or sweep you into the unknown in seconds. It involves a fair bit of trust to put yourself at its mercy, but through surfing I find the ultimate joy that is worth the risk. I think often my music reflects this process.

4 – What has busking, surfing and traveling around the world taught you about yourself and life over the past couple of years?

KIM: Busking has been a wonderful teacher of humility. I continue to do it partly for that reason. It’s also funded all of my overseas touring in the beginning and was the best way to rehearse my material to a nice cross section of people. Travelling has really inspired me. It feeds my songwriting. I find works in a wonderful cyclical way, as playing those songs then allows me to travel. This is a brilliant process I am always grateful for.

5 – What is your most magical surf spot?

KIM: Ha, too many to think of really. There are so many incredible little secrets and places I have been moved by. Angourie in Australia holds a really strong place in my heart. Its where I have recorded a bunch of my material. Some parts of Mexico have been very kind to me also. 

Thanks Kim! Wishing you the utmost success with this new record. Can’t wait to shred some waves with you one day in Australia. Cheers mate!

Pencil Skirt #DailyOutfit

Last day in Toronto for a week. Off to Montreal tomorrow for work. I know it’s been snowing already in Quebec so I’m gonna make sure I dress SUPER warm and bring along my Zara furry leopard coat!!

I recently added yet another leopard print item to my wardrobe. This time, it’s a long pencil skirt. I’ve had a thing for leopard print skirts ever since I saw Gwen Stefani wear one in the “Sunday Morning” music video back in what 1997? If you need a refresher, click here. I paired that up today with a stripped black and white top and my Anine Bing boots. So glad I opted for low heels because a below the knee stretchy pencil skirt is hard to walk in 😉


H&M diagonal zip jacket

Zara TRF printed midi pencil skirt (get it here)

Zara gold stud plaid shirt

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Vanessa Mooney Little Ways Gold Bracelet (get it here)

Vanessa Mooney Sweet Antiquity Bracelet Pearl (get it here)

Anine Bing boots with silver studs (get them here)

Biko Rena Ring Necklace (get it here)

Biko Jewellery Desta Cross Necklace (get it here)

La Presse feature

When Émilie Côté from La Presse approached me in the fall of 2012 to do a feature on me, I was floored! I think this was a turning point in my career for my parents, who are fans of La Presse, the biggest French language newspaper in North America. I think I was finally credible in their eyes 😉 Merci encore Émilie pour ce magnifique article! So flattered! See full interview here: http://www.lapresse.ca/arts/musique/201211/20/01-4595677-brbr-une-emission-de-tfo-a-decouvrir.php


Promo Day #DailyOutfit

Happy Friday everyone!

Since my cleanse last week, I’ve been staying as healthy as possible, making most meals myself and eating lot’s of fruits and veggies every day. Last night, I made a pretty great salad with apples, almonds, blue benedictin cheese, beets, avocado, cucumber, fresh mint and homemade dressing (olive oil, red grape vinegar, maple syrup, salt and pepper). It was absolutely delicious! Nothing more refreshing than a light salad in the evening!


I’ve been spending my Friday in meetings and shooting new promos for season 2 of BRBR. For the promos, I decided to wear the lovely new dress that Offner surprised me with earlier in the week. I’ve never owned any French Connection items, so I’m thrilled to finally have one of their lovely dresses in my closet. I’m not gonna lie, he has pretty amazing taste for a man. I’m a very lucky woman!

I’m off to Ottawa for 24hrs and then back for a few days before I leave for some more festival coverage in Northern Quebec. Looking forward to a nice dinner and brunch with friends on the weekend. What are your plans?

Wishing you all a great weekend! xo


French Connection Flower Lace Dress (similar one here)

Lionette HARLEM necklace (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Lionette Joplin bracelet (similar one here)

Lace-Up Platform Boots (similar ones here)

Mellow Yellow #DailyOutfit

Vacation starts in T-1! It’d be an understatement to say how excited I am to be going away for more than two weeks!

I’m really excited to be helping out one of my friends today – the talented designer Rudy Bois! He’s in Toronto for a special project and has asked me to lend him a hand. I can’t say just yet what it’s for but I’m delighted to be able to help him out. When I was in Quebec City earlier this month, he showed me his new SS14 collection, it was stunning! His choice of color, his fabrics and cuts were perfect! Stay tuned for a sneak peek of his collection coming soon. I can’t wait to wear another one of his creations at this year’s Prix Gémeaux (Gemini Awards in French), coming up on September 15th in Montreal.  The show I host, BRBR has been nominated for an award. I still can’t believe it! We’re up against people I grew up watching… Though I know there’s no way we’ll win the award, it’s still really special to have been nominated 🙂

For today’s outfit, I’m wearing a few shades of cream and yellow and some comfy strappy sandals from Steve Madden that I got in Santa Monica last year. Also wearing my OIA Jules gold shark tooth!

photo (95)

H&M black short shorts (get them here)

Forever 21 Ganado Denim Vest (get it here)

H&M yellow stretchy jersey tee (similar ones here)

OIA Jules Giant Gold Dipped Shark Tooth Pendant (get it here)

Forever 21 spiked and rhinestoned bracelet (get it here)

Stella & Dot gold renegade cluster bracelet (get it here)

Forever 21 off-white cuff (similar one here)

Forever 21 etched Geo cuff set gold (get it here)

Steve Madden dual color flexi sandals (similar ones here)


Long overdue! #DailyOutfit

It was long overdue! I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last week and a half. I spent 9 crazy days in Quebec City covering the Festival d’été de Québec for BRBR. It was my 7th and busiest edition yet! I had tons of fun running around the city filming interviews and performances as well as cooking segments and taxi rides with some super nice Canadian artists. My personal favs were definitely meeting the super sweet Gaële, having Les Indiens perform their rad track “Crâne” for us (stoner rock at its best! Listen to their track here), cooking with Jacquie from The Balconies, doing a taxi ride with Lisa LeBlanc and having the guys from The Hunters perform for us on a boat. Have you seen their performance yet?

I also had the chance to see a few shows during our shooting breaks. My top 3 favorite shows of the festival were:

1 – The Balconies

photo 1 (8)

2 – Weezer

photo 2 (9)

3 – Bad Religion

Only a few more days before I head back to California for a vacation! Can’t wait to spend some more time there!! In the meantime, I’m enjoying being home: hanging with friends, BBQing, watching several seasons of Kitchen Nightmares and taking it easy! For today’s outfit, I’m wearing color, prints and keeping the clothing light because it’s a hot one in Toronto today! I can’t complain though, at least the sun is shining and it’s finally summer 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful Monday!

photo (89)

Aztec print top

H&M neon blue cuffed shorts (similar ones here)

Zara blue rope skull necklace

Lionette SINEAD bracelet (check the site for more info)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

H&M pointed cap toe orange high heel

Francofolies Day 3 #DailyOutfit

Fun day of shooting today with Eli et Papillon! Eli was nice enough to invite her into her Montreal home to cook one of her favorite vegan/gluten-free recipes and desserts with us for our new cooking segment. Marc also joined us to be our official taster! What a fun time we had 🙂 Merci Eli et Marc!

photo 2 (6)

Make sure to check them out on June 18th at Club Soda in Montreal for the Francofolies. Here’s one of their cute videos, in case you need convincing!

Later in the afternoon, I met up with Montreal’s xe Illegal, an interesting duo that claims to have been around for over 40 years in the business, while barely being over 30 themselves. It’s all part of their stage personas and group humor. Interesting chat to say the least… I think the guys drank 7 shots of scotch and 1 beer each during our 10min interview.

photo (33)

Today was also a very special day! Not only was it Father’s Day (Hope all you dad’s out there had a wonderful day!) but it was also my mom‘s birthday. Post-shoot, I had the chance to go have dinner with her and my step-dad since we were conveniently shooting in Montreal. Today, the strongest woman I know, the one who taught me just about everything and is the reason I’m where I am today, is 57 years old. If there’s one thing I wish her is continued health! Over the past 10-12 years she’s been dealt bad health cards and my biggest wish is for her to finally be healthy! I love you mom, Happy Birthday!

Love love my new Lady Muerte tee that I just got from Springsioux! It’s the same design as my Lady Muerte ring that I’ve been wearing since December! 🙂

photo (32)

Springsioux Lady Muerte tee (get it here)

Biko Zenha Spear Necklace (get it here)

Zara white denim pants

Springsioux Horns Ring (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Jeffrey Campbell Don’t Even white sandals (get them here)