5 Things to do in Whistler


1) Relax at Scandinave Spa. Located just a few minutes north of the Whistler Village, this spa resort is the ultimate in-nature relaxation experience. The spa itself is situated in the middle of a beautiful spruce and cedar forest, next to Lost Lake and Spruce Grove parks. You immediately fall into relaxation mode as you walk along the forest path into the spa. In the spa, you will find several Scandinavian baths, also known as hydrotherapy. For those who are unfamiliar with the practice, hydrotherapy is usually done in three stages and some if its benefits include cleansing the body, blood circulation stimulation as well as the release of endorphins. To warm the body, they have several options: the eucalyptus steam room, wood burning Finnish sauna, hot baths and thermal waterfall. To refresh, they have a Nordic waterfall, cold baths and showers. They also offer solariums, hammocks, terraces, trellis and an outdoor fireplace for relaxation. Once relaxation is complete, you can eat at their on-site Scandinave Cafe, which features light and healthy meals or snacks. They also offer a super tasty locally harvested and handcrafted Namasthé Tea that you can only find at the spa. One of things I loved most about the spa was their green initiatives that include having “green” roofs, using sustainable fibres in their uniforms, stainless steel instead of plastic, etc. The Scandinave Spa will be expanding as of 2016, providing even more space to relax and enjoy the full experience. It was the perfect way to start off the day!











2) Go ziplining with Ziptrek. Ziptrek is an ecotour company located in Whistler, BC (they also have ecotours in Mont-Tremblant, QC and Queenstown, NZ). They offer a variety of moutain adventures for people of all ages coming to the area. This past summer, Ziptrek unveiled the longest zipline in Canada and the US called the Sasquatch. This dual zipline launches from high up on Blackcomb Mountain and lasts for over 2 kms. Sadly due to the snow, we weren’t able to reach the Sasquatch zipline so instead ended up going on the Eagle Tour. The tour lasted 3 hours in the moutain, we did 6 ziplines and walked on 8 treetop bridges. It was the most magical tour because it was snowing on the mountain while we were ziplining and walking. We had two super friendly guides who taught us a whole lot not only about ziplining but also about nature, local wildlife and conservation. The group was kept small so it made for a fun little bunch and not too much waiting between each zipline. The views of the mountain were stunning and it was without a doubt one of the best outdoor adventures I’ve ever been on. What a rush!






3) Eat at Bearfoot Bistro. If you ask anyone that lives in Whistler what the best restaurant in the area is, everyone is bound to answer Bearfoot Bistro. This fine dining restaurant was founded by André Saint-Jacques and is house to award-winning Executive Chef Melissa Craig. The space is a restaurant, a bar as well as a vodka tasting room. Since we were in town during the Cornucopia Food & Wine Festival, we were able to taste their special 5-course prix fixe menu that featured in-season local products. The dishes were colourful, the ingredients were of utmost quality and the technique used on the dishes was incredibly modern. They have a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian offerings. They also have an impressive list of wines that pair up nicely with each dish. The desserts were also incredibly artsy and delicious. All in all, Melissa’s creations lived up to the hype.







4) Rock climb at Core Gym. I had been wanting to go rock climbing for a while to try and get over my fear of heights. The Core gym in Whistler is the perfect place to rock climb, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber, they’ve got a handful of options for both climbing and bouldering. They have a 5500 square-foot indoor rock climbing wall and have a handful of great guides on-site to help you get some 1-on-1 training if you so desire. They also provide indoor and outdoor courses as well as workshops to help improve your climbing skills. I felt really safe with the equipment we rented, the guide and also their True Blue auto belays, which allows you to climb even if you are by yourself. I started slowly and shaky but as time went on, I did routes and was so incredibly please with myself by the end of the session. I definitely reached new heights and worked on conquering my fear of heights at the gym!





5) Grab a treat at Purebread. Located in the Whistler Village, this delicious family bakery offers some of the tastiest sweets and treats that you’ll find on the west coast. Their homemade scones, loafs and cakes are pretty and delicious. They have a great combination of sweet and savoury options and also have great coffee bar. The little seating area at the front is perfect for people watching in the village.