Sporting Life 10k Run


I mentioned this fall in my “Winter Running” post here, that one of my goals in 2015 would be to sign up for my 1st ever official run. Well, I said I would, so I did! I’ll be running the Sporting Life 10k run on Sunday May 10th in Toronto. I’m incredibly excited but also nervous to take part in my first competitive event since my teens. I know I’m technically only competing against myself, but it’s still a nice thing to work towards. The nervousness I felt after signing up for the race yesterday reminded me of all the competitions I took part in as a child and teenager.

Growing up, I did A LOT of sports and took part in A LOT of competitions, mostly in swimming, skipping and karate. I just remember being so nervous leading up to these competitions, eating proper “prep” meals a few days before the competition and barely sleeping the night before. The night before, I would also always prepare my team uniform, my bag, my snacks, etc. The morning of, I would barely have an appetite, would get dressed nervously and would drive to one of these competitions with my parents. Luckily, I was one of those kids that thrived under pressure. I usually ended up getting my best results when performing under stress. Now, 15+ years later, I know the nerves will be there the morning of May 10th when I get to the run. Even if I’m not competing for medals, even if I’ve run a 10k before, I know that I will be feeling something special that day. Once the race starts, I know everything will be ok and will be looking forward to the feeling you get once you cross the finish line. Priceless!

I’m lucky that some of my fellow NTC ladies are also planning on running with me. Though it isn’t a half-marathon or a marathon, I will still be training leading up to this race and will be documenting part of my process right here 🙂

If you’re also interested in signing up for the run, you can do so until April right here.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful new adventure!