Last Friday, Offner and I tried a fantastic new restaurant in Parkdale called Geraldine. We had walked by the place a few times during the last couple of months and it always seemed to be closed but we had loved the black and white floor tile that gave the place a very French bistro look.

Reservations for Geraldine were easy to make through their website. We got a beautiful table at the back of the restaurant close to their upright piano. The piano was beautifully lit with candles, which illuminated all the artwork at the back of the restaurant. I loved the way all the round tables were placed right by the wall, every couple sat almost next to each other instead of facing each other. It was very intimate and romantic. All of the tables were decorated with simple white cloths and adorned with lovely vintage silverware and antique dinnerware. All the plates were floral, some even had gold trim, which gave the restaurant a very classy look. The marble bar was extremely classy. I also loved their vintage fresh seafood display at the back of the bar. photo 1 (37)

All of the restaurant’s staff were dressed in prohibition era garments. The men all wore suspenders, high-waisted pants, short and slicked back hair. The men looked like they were straight out of an episode of Boardwalk Empire. It went perfectly with the big band, jazzy music they were playing and the overall look of the place.

Geraldine had a lovely drink menu called “Libations” all made by the restaurant’s Mr. Mooney. All of the drinks we had were interesting and unique and seemed to have quite a lot of thought put into them.

photo 1 (36)

photo 5 (7)

The entire menu looked super tasty! Lot’s of French-inspired dishes. They also had a separate menu to order fresh seafood. Offner ordered the seared duck breast and I went for the lentil salad with mushroom and tapenade plus the cheese board. The portions were small but everything was cooked to perfection and perfectly seasoned. Though a little pricey, it was well worth it! We capped off our dinner with a little digestif and tea for myself!

photo 4 (10)

photo 2 (33)

All in all, it was a beautiful and romantic experience. I definitely consider Geraldine one of my new favorite restaurants in Parkdale. We’ll definitely be back! Geraldine is also having a special until the end of the month, they are serving wine bottles at half the price on Tuesdays. So make a stop on Tuesday night January 28th to enjoy some great wine for cheap!


Golden Globes Style

Another fabulous night for fashion tonight at the Golden Globes! What did you think of the awards? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as hosts? The winners/Losers? Some thoughts regarding the gala: Jacqueline Bisset was awkward, sad Michael J. Fox didn’t win, maybe I should start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine…

There were lot’s of fabulous gowns this evening, here are my top 3:

Zooey Deschanel – Loved all of beading and details on this dress. Love the vintage and romantic look. The color looks stunning on her as well! Wish she would have won tonight!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Olivia Wilde – I mean wow! She looked absolutely stunning with her ombré hair, makeup and especially this sparkly green number! She looks like the most beautiful mermaid! Not many ladies can look that good, especially when pregnant!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Elisabeth Moss – I love the pattern and texture of this dress. It’s original and fits her really nicely!

photo 3 (14)

Honorable mentions go to: Kate BlanchetAmy Adams (yay for redheads wearing red!) and Margot Robbie who also looked stunning!

Terrible mentions go to: Julia Roberts (who looked like she was going for a job interview), Zoe Saldana (too much going on!) and Sandra Bullock (I can’t even look at it!).

What were some of your favorite or least favorite dresses this evening? Favorite moments of the gala?

Happy Halloween! #DailyOutfit

Happy Halloween everyone! Who are you dressing up as this year? Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! As a kid, my grand-ma made all of my costumes and I would take part in the local costume contest in my hometown. It was always so much fun not only dressing up but also trick or treating around my village and seeing all the haunted houses and decorations. When I grew older, I loved giving out candy to the kids on my street and making the house as scary as I could!

Sadly, for the first time ever I won’t be dressing up this year since I’m on a shoot for work. That said, I had a very memorable Halloween last year. I got to dress up as a pre-douche zombie Justin Bieber. I remember looking at myself in the mirror after getting 2hrs of makeup done and not even recognizing myself!! It was the best time!


So for today’s outfit, instead of a costume, I opted for a full black get up instead!


Forever 21 black dress with faux leather panels

Zara laced ankle boots with block heel (get them here)

Vanessa Mooney Little Ways Gold Bracelet (get it here)

Helloberry mini smoothie bracelet (get them here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Gold antler necklace

Biko Jewellery Telsum Bracelet (get it here)

Wild Springsioux #DailyOutfit

Tuesday, oh Tuesday! Another shooting day! It’s also release day for new records. A very talented singer-songwriter from Toronto is releasing her 3rd record today. Her name is Basia Bulat. I had the chance to chat with her a few times while I was working at AUX, such a sweetheart. Her new record Tall Tall Shadows, is nothing short of a fall gem! The production and arrangements on this record are stellar, her voice is as powerful and enchanting as ever. I sincerely hope this record will get her the recognition she deserves. In case you haven’t heard it yet, check out the title track here:

Also watched the season premier of Homeland last night. Though I think that Claire Danes always delivers such a strong performance, the overall episode was a little boring. Also, why start a new season the same night as the Breaking Bad finale? I think that was a big scheduling error… Will you be watching Homeland’s third season?


Mixing leopard print with my fun Springsioux poncho today. It’s probably the comfiest outfit ever! Note to self for future travels 😉 Can’t wait to finally go visit Springsioux’s new concept store in Paris in December. The brand’s been getting lot’s of buzz in European media since the launch of the shop and also during Paris Fashion Week. Stoked for them!


Springsioux Lady Cabellos poncho (get it here)

H&M leopard print leggings (similar ones here)

Springsioux Lady Muerte ring (get it here)

Uranium gold tripple thick ring (from their upcoming fall collection)

Uranium Glazing necklace (from the upcoming Fall 2013 collection)

Lionette Joplin bracelet (similar one here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Zara laced ankle boots with block heel (get them here)


Falling for Red #DailyOutfit

It’s a grey Monday today in Toronto! Exciting news if you’re a fan of basketball in Toronto. It was announced this morning that Drake was named the “Global Ambassador” for the Raptors and also that the NBA All-Star game will be coming to Toronto in 2016. Neato!

I spent a lovely weekend at home hanging out with friends, cooking, catching up on Netflix docs and watching the Breaking Bad finale with a group of BB enthusiasts. I had actually never watched the series before so it was funny to see just how into it people really were. Look at these cupcakes!!

photo 1 (12)

I also checked out the brand new Denis Villeneuve film, his first real “Hollywood” production called Prisoners yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the flick. Not only was it super well shot, the story kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time and the acting was really strong. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal deliver really poignant performances. Definitely worth seeing!


Really into red these days. Can’t seem to stay away from that color! What is your current favorite color?

photo 2 (13)

Forever 21 boat neck striped black and white top (get it here)

Target red long sleeve sweater (similar one here)

Zara three tone beaded necklace (get it here)

H&M distressed boyfriend jeans (similar ones here)

Lionette Joplin bracelet (similar one here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Zara red studded ankle boots 

Plaid & Black #DailyOutfit

Happy Friday everyone! So stoked on finally being home for the weekend! What are your plans for the weekend? Everyone’s talking about the Breaking Bad finale, I’m looking forward to the Homeland season 3 premier. Also thinking of hitting up a movie theatre this weekend, it’s been a while since I’ve gone to see a new release. Thinking of Don Jon or maybe Prisoners, have you seen either?

I think I officially have an obsession with plaid! Last weekend while in NYC, I bought another plaid item for my fall wardrobe. I saw this super cute plaid bomber jacket at Zara. I always find different items when I travel to the US or Europe Zara. Since I knew they probably didn’t have it back home, I had to get it! It’s perfect for layering under my leather jacket. I mixed that with my red fabric wedge boots from Zara that I got in the spring. I like adding pops of color with the basic black.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

 photo 1

Zara red plaid bomber jacket (similar one here)

Uranium White Stripes tee (from the upcoming Fall 2013 collection)

American Apparel snakeskin leggings (similar ones here)

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Zara fabric wedge ankle boots (get them here)

Promo Day #DailyOutfit

Happy Friday everyone!

Since my cleanse last week, I’ve been staying as healthy as possible, making most meals myself and eating lot’s of fruits and veggies every day. Last night, I made a pretty great salad with apples, almonds, blue benedictin cheese, beets, avocado, cucumber, fresh mint and homemade dressing (olive oil, red grape vinegar, maple syrup, salt and pepper). It was absolutely delicious! Nothing more refreshing than a light salad in the evening!


I’ve been spending my Friday in meetings and shooting new promos for season 2 of BRBR. For the promos, I decided to wear the lovely new dress that Offner surprised me with earlier in the week. I’ve never owned any French Connection items, so I’m thrilled to finally have one of their lovely dresses in my closet. I’m not gonna lie, he has pretty amazing taste for a man. I’m a very lucky woman!

I’m off to Ottawa for 24hrs and then back for a few days before I leave for some more festival coverage in Northern Quebec. Looking forward to a nice dinner and brunch with friends on the weekend. What are your plans?

Wishing you all a great weekend! xo


French Connection Flower Lace Dress (similar one here)

Lionette HARLEM necklace (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Lionette Joplin bracelet (similar one here)

Lace-Up Platform Boots (similar ones here)

Francofolies Day 4 & 5 #DailyOutfit

The past two days have been nutty to say the least! We had two jam-packed days of shooting at the Francofolies to finish off our week there.

We started the day off yesterday with a rad performance and interview with the up and coming Queen of Hip Hop in Quebec Sarahmée. She just released a new EP Sans Détour in March and will be touring across the province this summer. I love her flow and her lyrics. She did a special classic meets hip hop version of one of her tracks to start off the day.

photo (34)

Our second interviewee didn’t show up, something that rarely happens honestly. In the past year or so, we’ve been pretty lucky with artists showing up and on time, for our interviews and performances. It’s not given to every artist to be super organized and reliable. Having worked in music PR, I know it can sometimes be a challenge to make sure your artist will show up even if you remind them 100x…

We continued the day with a Taxi BRBR (one of our new series for season 2!) with Marie-Pierre Arthur, who’s always such a sweetheart and wrapped the day at Chantal Archambault‘s DREAMY home in Villeray. Together we cooked some coconut milk & curry scallops. Yup, you read right! I made scallops yesterday! To be honest, I had never tried scallops in me entire life and never really planned on doing so, the texture always revolted me… but for the purpose of the show, I gave it a shot. The taste wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought but the texture freaked me out. I definitely still need some convincing to start eating fish or seafood… What a delight it was though to spend time with her in her beautiful home. Watch out, two gingers in the kitchen! 😉

photo 1 (7)

Today started off in an interesting way… A giant Montreal pigeon took the biggest explosive bucket of shit all over me as we were just about to starting prepping for our Taxi BRBR with Dumas. Luckily, none of it was caught on tape (well luckily for me ;)). I had some all over my face, my hair, my clothes, it was the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me I think… The smell!!! After a VERY quick stop back at the hotel to change and shower (I couldn’t fathom spending the day doing interviews while still smelling like shit, literally!), we taped an awesome episode of Taxi BRBR with the always generous and super friendly Dumas. He’s probably one of the most down to earth, simple and friendly artists I’ve ever met!

photo 2 (7)

The day continued with a performance and interview with one of my old Montreal pals Jason Bajada who played a track from his first French record that will be released in the fall. You need to hear his track “Armée de montgolfières”: here. So good!

We wrapped the day with ex-Goules singer Keith Kouna, who played us a track “guerrilla” style in a graffiti filled alley.

A big thank you to all the artists that played for us and chatted with me during the Francofolies. Thanks to the festival organizers and all the publicists/managers who made all of this possible. What a great second year at the Francofolies! 🙂 Stay tuned for all of the interviews, performances, recipes and taxi rides, that will be broadcasted in the next couple of weeks. Links to come 🙂

Finishing off the day today with a movie! Finally, a bit of down time. Stoked to go see Man Of Steel tonight. Was such a hardcore Lois & Clark fan as a kid!

Today’s original daily outfit was unfortunately too dirty to photograph, so here’s my second outfit of the day, sans le pigeon poop 😉

photo (35)

Uranium Come As You Are tank (similar ones here)

H&M tie-dye black and white maxi skirt

H&M chambray buttoned-up shirt (similar one here)

Verameat Peace Hand necklace (get it here)

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Zara fabric wedge ankle boots (get them here)

Biko Jewellery at the Juno Awards

Last Friday, the lovely Corrine from Biko Jewellery invited me to stop by her Toronto studio to pick out some jewellery for the Juno Awards. I was ecstatic! I first found out about Biko Jewellery through Dainty Girl. She was wearing some of her lovely chainmaille bracelets an I immediately fell in love with them. I took a look at her website and instantly became an even bigger fan, especially of the great vintage-inspired necklaces on her site. I love her mix of feminine and tough, her mix of vintage and new, how she casts and reshapes a lot of the pieces she finds. Corrine travels a lot to find unique jewels, stones and little gems that she reshapes, modifies and embellishes herself.

While at the studio on Friday, she explained to me that though she was always crafty, she only started making jewellery after doing a photo shoot with a friend, not liking the earrings she was supposed to wear and deciding to make her own pair.  From then on, she became obsessed! And from all the materials, tools, designs, etc. in her studio, you can definitely tell it’s something she’s constantly working on. She’s always creating; she even has designs ready for next year but sometimes has to hold herself back from releasing them right away. I think that that’s a good problem to have 😉

Just last week, one of her necklaces made it onto the cover of Seventeen Magazine. She says that her business has really been picking up in the last 2-3 years, that she’s been getting a lot more interest from the United States as well. I personally think it’s only the beginning for her.

I had sent Corrine a few pictures of the  RUDYBOIS dresses I will be wearing at the Junos this week, so together we picked out a few pieces that would definitely make a statement in front of the camera and on the red carpet. Though it was really hard to pick, we finally narrowed it down to a few favorites. Curious to see what I ended up picking and what I’ll be wearing? You’ll have to keep checking back on the blog later this week to see the final look!

Can’t wait to rock some Biko on the red carpet in Regina!!! A big thank you to Corrine for letting me wear some of her fabulous designs this week. I couldn’t be more excited and honored!!


photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1