SUMMER GETAWAY – Prince Edward County


I was back on the road this weekend visiting yet another region of Southern Ontario for the very first time with Ford Canada. This weekend’s travels brought me to Prince Edward County.

Growing up I heard a lot about Sandbanks so I was excited to finally make the trek up that way and see some of the things that are new and exciting in the county.


For the trip, I had the pleasure of driving Ford’s brand new hybrid the C-MAX Energi. This was my first time driving a hybrid and to say I was excited would be quite the understatement. I’m all about finding ways to be more environmentally friendly on a daily basis and driving a car like the C-MAX Energi is also a step in the right direction. Just driving around with a green Ontario license plate was a big sense of pride for me throughout the weekend.

The C-MAX Energi combines a high-voltage lithium-ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine allowing for both gas/electric hybrid driving. You can fully charge the vehicle in 2.5 hrs using a 240-volt home charging station or 7 hours with a 120-volt outlet. The EV Mode on the car also allows you choose your mode of driving – electric only, gasoline only or a combination of both. Furthermore, the dual-LCD next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide allows you to get real-time information to help maximize efficience from the C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid.

The car also comes with all of Ford’s signature features such as the voice-activated SYNC® 3 system, available active park assist, rear view camera and reverse sensing system, heated front seats, etc.

My weekend in Prince Edward County started off with an exploratory drive of the area before heading to the stunning Drake Devonshire for a delectable dinner. Though this property is often talked about in all PEC-related things, it’s well-worth the visit and lives up to the hype.




Saturday morning we headed to North Beach, one of the many beaches in the county but one that is definitely less crowded and more wild than Sandbanks. You can park right outside of the National Park to avoid paying parking fees and can just walk to the beach from there. The beach is stunning because of its clear blue water and sandy bottom. The mix of rocks and sand on the bluffs, make it the perfect spot for a picnic or day-trip.


I also discovered an amazing little café called The Vic Café located in Picton. It’s THE spot if you’re looking for healthy, vegan food options for brunch, lunch and dinner. This super cute space offers some of the yummiest bowls and smoothies as well as homemade treats. I could have eaten there the entire weekend if I would have wanted to.




I couldn’t go to Prince Edward County without stopping by the Shed Chetwyn Farms. I have always loved alpacas but my love for these animals grew even fonder when I watched the hilarious alpaca eating an apple video on YouTube a few months ago. Low and behold, the exact same thing happened this weekend at the farm. You have to watch my video below, it was the funniest thing. These animals truly are special!




Cheese being one of my favorite things, I wanted to go on a little “cheese crawl” while I was in the area. We drove all the way across the county to the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co., where we met the owner and her partner who taught us about the place’s history, etc. They produce all of their cheese on-site and the company prides itself in environmental and sustainable practices. They offer a $10 cheese plate that allows you to taste a selection of 5 cheeses. They also have great outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the pristine view.


Another stop on the cheese crawl was Black River Cheese, a company that has been around in the county since 1901. Though this is a much bigger cheese company and production no longer takes place at the shop, it’s a great place to taste and buy some of their cheese.

Finally, another spot to visit on a “cheese crawl” would be the Windhover County boutique farm. This farm offers not only accommodations, special events but also farm to table organic cuisine and the possibility to grab a delicious cheese & charcuterie platter. They also have the sweetest animals on property: Dave the donkey, Molly the mule and a handful of chickens and sheep.


Our Saturday ended on a high note at the Mustang Drive-In. This super unique outdoor cinema experience runs all summer long with movies for the entire family. Admission is $11 for adults and offers you the possibility to see two movies back to back.




Before we headed back to the city, we stopped by Trenchtown Wake Park a brand new cable park for wakeboarding that opened up just two weeks ago in Trenton. The two co-owners, who are longtime friends, have been working on developping this project for the past six years. After hearing that the city was going to build a new marina and building soccer fields on the old one, they seized the opportunity to build a new business in the area. The cable wakeboarding park is equipped with state of the art installations, kicks and jumps. A must-try!


All in all, we had yet another epic weekend with Ford Canada. I really think a car like the C-MAX Energi is the car for the future. I hope more people will turn to hybrid or electric cars and that they will become more affordable and more common on the road.

For more information on Prince Edward County, go here. A big thank you to April from The Sportsman Motel in Picton for her help with this weekend’s trip. Make sure you check her motel for great local accommodations in PEC.


SUMMER GETAWAY – Norfolk County


I’m thrilled to share with you today the first of three destinations located just a few hours from downtown Toronto. These destinations are perfect getaway ideas for those living in Toronto or Southern Ontario. This weekend’s destination was – Norfolk County.

For these weekend getaways, I’ve also partnered up with Ford Canada to try out some of their latest models while driving to different areas of Southern Ontario. For this past weekend, my ride was the 2016 Ford Edge Titanium. I became familiar with the car in the spring during stress awareness month (you can see the post here) so I was excited to take it for much longer ride and explore more of the car’s many features during the weekend.

I was first introduced to Norfolk County a few weeks ago at an event. I had never ventured down to Lake Erie before so I was excited to make my way to a new area of the province. This area is located just 2hrs from Toronto and offers some of the best outdoor adventures as well as local food and wine options in Ontario.

The Ford Edge Titanium was a smooth and comfortable ride down to the county. I took advantage of the car’s cooling seats and extra-large sunroof to keep me cool during the ride. I was also happy to find Voice-Activated Sync 3, which allowed me to pair my phone and use voice commands to help me navigate and also choose my favorite Sirius XM radio station – Lithium! (Am I giving my age away by saying that?) Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed while driving is the lane-keeping system that gently nudges the wheel to help you stay alert and maintain proper lane position especially during those longer drives.


When we reached the county, we checked-in to Long Point Eco-Adventures. If you’re a camping and nature enthusiast, you will want to add this spot to your weekend itinerary. This eco-friendly adventure centre offers some of the coolest lodging accommodations in all of Ontario. If you’re looking for a rustic experience, you will want to book your weekend in one of their wilderness pods. This ultra-cute pod can barely be called “ruffing it”, with its beautifully furnished wooden interior and extra comfortable bed. The glass and screen doors as well as private wooden deck allow for beautiful nature and relaxing views. They have brand new showers and toilets located just a few steps away.

FullSizeRender (11)

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, Long Point Eco-Adventures also offers beautiful glamping wilderness suites equipped with king or queen beds, private bathrooms and beautiful outdoor showers. Amenities such as a mini-fridge, hardwood floors, hot and cold running water, electrical outlets and free outdoor parking, make these suites comparable to any 5-star hotel.

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (9)

No matter what type of accommodation you’re staying in, you’ll have access to a delicious complimentary homemade hot breakfast every morning in their main tent. Their super friendly staff know how to kick-off your morning the right way.

What’s great about Long Point Eco-Adventures is the array of activities they offer. Because I’m all about trying something new, I took the Ford Edge Titanium to the nearby waterfront for a few hours of fishing and kayaking with Baer Fishing Adventures, one of Long Point Eco-Adventures many expedition offerings. My fishing days go back to grade 5, when I had caught a crab in PEI and that’s about it. We spent 3 hours in the water learning about casting a line, different fishing techniques while also pedalling in this super unique kayaks. Though it took a bit of time, I finally caught my first fish with the help of the super rad guide. What’s great about the expedition is that it’s a small group and also, you are encouraged to release the fish, only a select few are actually brought back to shore. The expedition was a great experience and a whole lot of fun. It was so neat to be out on the water while learning new skills. I even got to eat the fish that I caught a few hours later for dinner thanks to the kind folks at Burning Kiln Winery, who cooked up the bass with fresh lemon and lavender. A first for me!

FullSizeRender (4)

Located just a few steps away from and affiliated with Long Point Eco-Adventures, Burning Kiln Winery is a repurposed tobacco pack barn that has been transformed into a multi-award winning winery. They have 27 acres and produce 4 reds and 4 whites, including my personal favorite of the weekend, the 2011 Kiln Hanger. Before going this winery, I had never really found an Ontario wine that I thought really lived up to Californian or European wines but that changed this weekend when I had this delicious red. We were given a tour of the beautiful property which includes the UNESCO-designed Long Point bay World Biosphere Reserve where you can find turtles, migratory birds and all sorts of wildlife. We were also shown their brand new garden where they grow most of the produce they use to serve dinner.

FullSizeRender (10)

FullSizeRender (13)


From May to September, in addition to wine tasting you can also eat some of the most delicious food made by Chef Scott McRae of David’s restaurant that features some of the best local products. Their local charcuterie and cheese board is a must and so is their Korean Fried Cauliflower (which is vegan) and also Aranchini Balls. Their patio or even beautiful wine tasting room and indoor dining area (perfect for weddings!) are all great locations to enjoy their delicious food and wines.

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

If you aren’t staying at Long Point Eco-Adventures, you can easily access the winery and other great spots in the region via the Norfolk shuttle that runs across the whole county. It only costs $6 for a day, can drop you off and pick you up at a handful of destinations in the county and you can even bring your bike onto the bus if you so desire.

After all this food and wine it’s only normal that I wanted to go spend more time exploring the outdoors and some local activities. One of the fun things I got to do over the weekend is spend time at Turkey Point beach. This beautiful sandy beach on Lake Erie is perfect for a picnic, a swim or even watersports. Turkey Point Watersports rents SUP, kayaks and even sea-doos for those seeking even more adventure. I took out a SUP board for a beautiful paddle out in the calm water. It was a great place to spend the afternoon. They’ve got a few shops and restaurants by the waterfront so you can easily spend the entire day there.

FullSizeRender (5)

Before leaving the area, I wanted to make sure I tried zip lining again. I had had such a blast in Whistler in the fall that I couldn’t resist zipping around the area for a few hours. What was great about the Long Point Eco-Adventures zip line and canopy tour is that it not only features 8 zip lines, 2 suspension skybridges and a 40-foot rappel but it’s also a great way to learn about the area. The two guides that spend the 2-2.5 hrs on the tour with you give you a lot of info about local history, wildlife, etc. The tours are nice and small, which make it relaxing and also very easy to make friends along the way.

FullSizeRender (12)

One thing we wished we would of have time for was the observatory at Long Point Eco-Adventures. They have one of the biggest telescopes in the country and offer great nightly sessions to learn about the beautiful sky that surrounds us.  

On the way home we stopped in Port Dover to grab lunch at the Urban Parisian café. I hope to spend more time there on my next trip, as the motorcycle culture is huge there and the city looks incredibly cute.

FullSizeRender (8)

We couldn’t have gotten a better vehicle for all of our outdoor expeditions this weekend. The Ford Edge Titanium had lots of space for gear, suitcases, tents, etc. and most importantly, was incredibly comfortable to drive.  

Even if it was an action-packed weekend, we only got to scratch the surface in Norfolk County. There are so many other cities and activities I would have liked to explore so I hope to have the opportunity to make my way back there again for more firsts. Everyone in the area that we met over the weekend were so incredibly hospitable, friendly and proud of their region and after spending time there, I can totally see where that pride comes from!

For more information on Norfolk County and all the local accommodations, activities, restaurants, etc. please go here:

Stay tuned next week for a brand new destination. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy my little recap video below.

5 Food Discoveries in Palm Springs

FullSizeRender(1) - Copie1) Rooster and the Pig. You may have to wait up to 2hrs to get into this popular joint but this Vietnamese American bar and restaurant is worth the wait. The friendly atmosphere inside allows for a laid-back dinning experience. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and try something new while you are there. All of their dishes will definitely please your tastebuds!

FullSizeRender(10)FullSizeRender(11)FullSizeRender(12)2) Workshop Kitchen + Bar. Located in uptown Palm Springs, this minimalist and industrial-looking restaurant is one of the places to put on your dinner list. Heavily focused on local ingredients, this farm-to-table spot works with local farms in the Coachella Valley to provide a creative and varied menu. They have a plentiful selection of both vegetarian and meat dishes that are presented in a beautiful manner. The farmhouse-style table located in the middle of the restaurant makes the space super convivial.

FullSizeRender(2)FullSizeRender(1)FullSizeRender(3)FullSizeRender(4)FullSizeRender(1)3) Norma’s. If you’re looking for an ultra hype and beautiful place to go for brunch while in Palm Springs, make sure you visit the The Parker Palm Springs. Not only is the hotel exquisite but the food at Norma’s is also topnotch. The colorful restaurant serves up your choice of healthy and hearty options including their James Beard Award-Winning Potato Pancake Recipe. You never know who you may rub shoulders with at this intimate and cozy hotspot. While you are there, make sure you spend time in their fireplace lounge or visiting their outdoor garden.

FullSizeRender(9)IMG_15964) Kings Highway. Located at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, this no-frills casual diner serves up good food and good vibes. The hotel partnered up with the same team that created the very popular L.A. Chapter to create a cool western and bohemian vibe. Jud Mongell and Ken Addington base their menu on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients while adding an imaginative twist to it. All late-night cravings will be satisfied at Kings Highway!

FullSizeRender(5)FullSizeRender(6)FullSizeRender(7)FullSizeRender(8)5) Chi Chi. The newly redesigned restaurant at the Avalon Hotel is all about celebrating California cuisine. The west coast is made a focal point on not only the menu but also on the pool-centric setting and space. Eating outdoors is a must for a romantic candlelit dinner.


Miami Explorations

FullSizeRender (6)

Miami is such a great place to spend a couple of days. Guaranteed sunshine, warm water, good food and countless exploration opportunities.

I never tire of traveling to Miami because there’s always something new to see, taste and do.


FullSizeRender (12)

On this particular trip, we rented a scooter (when a motorcycle isn’t available, I opt for a cute red scooter and a pink helmet!) and went north. We rode north past Surfside, Bal Harbour and went all the way to Sunny Isles Beach. We spent time at Haulover Park, a beautiful empty strip of beach. It was lovely to see a quieter side of Miami.

FullSizeRender (9)

FullSizeRender (11)

FullSizeRender (7)

Also, there’s nothing better for exploring than a great pair of shoes. Stoked to have brought these very breathable new Geox NEBULA shoes to Miami. They kept my feet dry and comfortable all weekend!

FullSizeRender (8)

I’ll be posting some of my latest food and hotel discoveries on the blog soon, so stay tuned!

Next time we head to Miami, we hope our explorations will take us south, all the way to Key West… and this time, on a motorcycle!

FullSizeRender (10)

What are some of your favorite spots to explore in Miami?

Photos by: @Offner

What I’m wearing: Geox D NEBULA (get them here), Saltwater Collective Unity Tee (get it here), ALDO backpack.

Del Marcos Hotel


Palm Springs has become one of my favorite places to travel to when I’m in California. The reason being, there’s just nothing quite like it. It’s the perfect place to relax, reset and explore while also enjoying some of the best food and most beautiful scenery.



After our wedding, we were looking for a little oasis to spend time in before heading back to reality and found the perfect spot – the Del Marcos Hotel.


Built in 1947 and designed by architect William F. Cody, this Mid-century boutique hotel was Cody’s first independent commission in Palm Springs and was key in launching his solo career in the desert. The hotel design is a mix of native stone and redwood as well as floor-to-ceiling glass. It’s a two-story building that features a beautiful courtyard with a saltwater pool and lounge chairs. There is also a stunning fireplace for guests to warm up around on a cool evening.




The Del Marcos has 17 guest rooms, which keeps the atmosphere very intimate. Each room is uniquely decorated using Mid-century furnishings to keep that same modern feel throughout the hotel. We stayed in the Don Wexler room, a stunning room dedicated to the iconic architect. Our room featured a king bed, a beautiful private back patio, a large kitchenette and beautiful tiled bathroom. The room also featured some of Wexler’s prints and etchings, making the room even more authentic. Our room was the perfect sanctuary for us after our wedding.







One of my favorite things about the entire hotel was its super cozy lobby and lounge area. I loved the fact that each afternoon, they offered complimentary happy hour. It was the perfect occasion to sit down, relax, talk to some other hotel guests and also play board games. The hotel also offers complimentary breakfast every morning. The hotel property also plays some light jazz and Motown classics dating back to the 40s and 50s, setting the perfect mood for relaxing. It being an 18+ environment also made it a lot more quiet and the perfect space to retreat to.




The hotel couldn’t be more conveniently located. It is situated right by some of the best restaurants, museums, shops, etc. You are also right at the corner of the Palm Springs city bike path. What’s also great about the location is that you are steps from downtown but also far enough removed that noise isn’t an issue. If walking isn’t your thing, then you can use some of the beautiful complimentary cruiser bikes that the hotel offers to its guests. We took the bikes on an excursion across the city and ended up being gifted grapefruits from a man in his backyard.



The entire staff was exceptionally friendly and welcoming. They made sure that we had everything we needed and more.

We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal place to spend the week after our wedding. It was the perfect little getaway!


For more information on the Del Marcos Hotel, go here.

The Burrard


One of my favorite things about traveling is staying in different hotels all the time. When came time to book my travels to Vancouver last month, I really wanted to see if I could find a super cute and unique spot to stay at in the downtown core.


I found The Burrard on social media and I was immediately drawn to this small boutique hotel in between Yaletown and the Davie Village. The hotel’s retro design and super fresh branding is what first caught my eye. It reminded me of some of the hotels you can find in Palm Springs, that are inspired by the 1950s. The Burrard actually first opened in 1956.




When I first got to the hotel, I was impressed by its super cool looking exterior. The neon sign at the entrance is unique and stands out in the area. The blue, black and white color pallet is perfect with the style of the building.


The vintage design of the lobby along with retro light fixture and mid-century couch is super inviting and cozy.


Everyone at the hotel was incredibly friendly and available to answer all of our questions. I was delighted to find out that there’s a coffee shop connected to the hotel lobby called Container Coffee, that serves organic homemade breakfasts, juices as well as snacks and sandwiches all day long.


I loved the sense of humour and clever little quotes that we found throughout the hotel. Each floor gets its own amusing saying and you’ll find cute notes that will make you smile throughout the hotel property.




Speaking of the rooms, our room was very charming. They kept the decorations to a minimum but stayed within that same retro and vintage vibe. I was particularly fond of little details like the free NESPRESSO machine, free water bottles, free calls and free wifi. No one likes going to a hotel and paying $5 for a water bottle or wifi. In 2015, these are things that guests should receive complimentary.





Other great assets to the hotel are their free Brodie cruiser bike rentals as well as their patio lounge. It’s such a great way to explore the area and there is a bike path located right beside the hotel. When it gets warm out, the hotel also whips out their super cool ping pong table on the patio.



We had such a wonderful time at The Burrard. The location was great because it was walking distance to everywhere we wanted to go. They also had on-site parking, which made it much more convenient and hassle-free.

I hope we’ll get the chance to go return to this cute retro haven in downtown Vancouver some time soon!


For more info on The Burrard, go here.

5 Things to do in Whistler


1) Relax at Scandinave Spa. Located just a few minutes north of the Whistler Village, this spa resort is the ultimate in-nature relaxation experience. The spa itself is situated in the middle of a beautiful spruce and cedar forest, next to Lost Lake and Spruce Grove parks. You immediately fall into relaxation mode as you walk along the forest path into the spa. In the spa, you will find several Scandinavian baths, also known as hydrotherapy. For those who are unfamiliar with the practice, hydrotherapy is usually done in three stages and some if its benefits include cleansing the body, blood circulation stimulation as well as the release of endorphins. To warm the body, they have several options: the eucalyptus steam room, wood burning Finnish sauna, hot baths and thermal waterfall. To refresh, they have a Nordic waterfall, cold baths and showers. They also offer solariums, hammocks, terraces, trellis and an outdoor fireplace for relaxation. Once relaxation is complete, you can eat at their on-site Scandinave Cafe, which features light and healthy meals or snacks. They also offer a super tasty locally harvested and handcrafted Namasthé Tea that you can only find at the spa. One of things I loved most about the spa was their green initiatives that include having “green” roofs, using sustainable fibres in their uniforms, stainless steel instead of plastic, etc. The Scandinave Spa will be expanding as of 2016, providing even more space to relax and enjoy the full experience. It was the perfect way to start off the day!











2) Go ziplining with Ziptrek. Ziptrek is an ecotour company located in Whistler, BC (they also have ecotours in Mont-Tremblant, QC and Queenstown, NZ). They offer a variety of moutain adventures for people of all ages coming to the area. This past summer, Ziptrek unveiled the longest zipline in Canada and the US called the Sasquatch. This dual zipline launches from high up on Blackcomb Mountain and lasts for over 2 kms. Sadly due to the snow, we weren’t able to reach the Sasquatch zipline so instead ended up going on the Eagle Tour. The tour lasted 3 hours in the moutain, we did 6 ziplines and walked on 8 treetop bridges. It was the most magical tour because it was snowing on the mountain while we were ziplining and walking. We had two super friendly guides who taught us a whole lot not only about ziplining but also about nature, local wildlife and conservation. The group was kept small so it made for a fun little bunch and not too much waiting between each zipline. The views of the mountain were stunning and it was without a doubt one of the best outdoor adventures I’ve ever been on. What a rush!






3) Eat at Bearfoot Bistro. If you ask anyone that lives in Whistler what the best restaurant in the area is, everyone is bound to answer Bearfoot Bistro. This fine dining restaurant was founded by André Saint-Jacques and is house to award-winning Executive Chef Melissa Craig. The space is a restaurant, a bar as well as a vodka tasting room. Since we were in town during the Cornucopia Food & Wine Festival, we were able to taste their special 5-course prix fixe menu that featured in-season local products. The dishes were colourful, the ingredients were of utmost quality and the technique used on the dishes was incredibly modern. They have a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian offerings. They also have an impressive list of wines that pair up nicely with each dish. The desserts were also incredibly artsy and delicious. All in all, Melissa’s creations lived up to the hype.







4) Rock climb at Core Gym. I had been wanting to go rock climbing for a while to try and get over my fear of heights. The Core gym in Whistler is the perfect place to rock climb, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber, they’ve got a handful of options for both climbing and bouldering. They have a 5500 square-foot indoor rock climbing wall and have a handful of great guides on-site to help you get some 1-on-1 training if you so desire. They also provide indoor and outdoor courses as well as workshops to help improve your climbing skills. I felt really safe with the equipment we rented, the guide and also their True Blue auto belays, which allows you to climb even if you are by yourself. I started slowly and shaky but as time went on, I did routes and was so incredibly please with myself by the end of the session. I definitely reached new heights and worked on conquering my fear of heights at the gym!





5) Grab a treat at Purebread. Located in the Whistler Village, this delicious family bakery offers some of the tastiest sweets and treats that you’ll find on the west coast. Their homemade scones, loafs and cakes are pretty and delicious. They have a great combination of sweet and savoury options and also have great coffee bar. The little seating area at the front is perfect for people watching in the village.



5 Things to do in PEI


Prince Edward Island is the land of Anne of Green Gables, a haven for redheads. PEI has always held a special place in my heart for obvious reasons. My first visit to PEI dates back to my childhood, I was 11 to be exact. I spent two weeks on the beautiful island during my grade 5 summer vacation. I had been wanting to return to this magical island for a while now and finally got to do so this fall. There are so many amazing things to do on the island, so here are a few recommendations.


1) Visit Tea Cup rock – Located on the North Shore of PEI, this little known wonder of is a few kms walk from the Twin Shores Campground in Darnley. To get to the rock, you’ll have to walk a good 15-20 mins on Darnley beach. The walk to the rock is absolutely stunning, the wild beaches of PEI are quiet and peaceful. You’ll cross a lighthouse and walk passed several sand dunes. The Tea Cup rock itself is best seen when the tide is low and the water is calm. The entire area is incredibly picturesque. It was my discovery of the trip.





2) Grab a juice from Rawsome Juice Bar – This small local juicery is located right in downtown Charlottetown, just off the main strip. You’ll find the Juice Bar at the back of a yoga/fitness studio in a small local. This is where they make all of their juices and also smoothies. Everyone that works at Rawsome is incredibly kind. In addition to juices and smoothies, they also offer cleanses. If you can’t make it to their shop, you can find some of their juices at different retailers across the island. The “Wakeup” Juice was without a doubt my favorite!






3) Eat at Terre Rouge – This Charlottetown bistro is at the top of everyone’s best restaurant list in the area. The restaurant’s motto – use local products and support local producers. Their farm-to-table menu is refreshing and unique to the area. In addition to being a bistro, Terre Rouge also serves as a marché where people can come in and buy bread, artisanal cheese, organic vegetables, charcuterie, etc. Everything we ate at the restaurant was delicious. My favorite dish was their cheese platter.






4) Grab a coffee from The Kettle Black – Located on Queen St. in Charlottetown, Kettle Black is the perfect place to grab coffee, read a book or work on your laptop in a cozy setting. They’ve got a great selection of teas, coffee and homemade snacks. I spent a couple of afternoons there while I was in the city because it was so inviting.




5) Explore the island – Though Charlottetown is the island’s main attraction, there are so many other amazing places to explore on the island. If you’re a fan of Anne of Green Gables, you’ll want to make your way to Cavendish to visit the famous Anne of Green Gables house from the movies. If you’re a fan of Road to Avonlea, you can also explore the Avonlea by the Sea area and see one of the houses from the 90s CBC television series. The Argyle Shores south of the island are also breathtaking. Though the parks are closed after summer, the beaches are still accessible by foot. There is also the Malpeque area, home of the popular Oyster Barn and the local fishing village.






5 Things to do in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the beautiful capital of New Mexico. Founded in 1610, it is the oldest capital city in all of the U.S. and the oldest city in New Mexico. Santa Fe is a culturally rich city with both Spanish and Mexican influences. Fans of art, food, history and architecture will rejoice in this place. I was delighted to get to know Santa Fe a little better on my road trip this summer. Here are some of my favorite things to do in the area:


1) Stay at the Silver Saddle Motel – This legendary western style motel is located just a few minutes drive from the historic downtown Santa Fe. This family owned motel is perfect for those looking for an authentic and kitschy Western American experience. If you go to the Silver Saddle Motel, you can expect cheap rates, clean rooms and also free breakfast in the morning on their outdoor patio. There is also a cool picnic area where guests can relax and enjoy the scenery. This rustic gem was once the home to hollywood actors who came to film in the area.





2) Grab a cold-pressed juice at Verde. – Looking for some healthy refreshments while in Santa Fe? Make sure to grab a fresh juice from Verde. Their juices are made from local organic ingredients and change seasonally. In addition to their cold-pressed juices, they will soon be launching the Verde Bite, healthy grab-and-go foods. You can find them on W. San Mateo in Santa Fe but they also deliver straight to your door.


3) Eat at Eloisa – Chef John Rivera Sedlar combines traditional New Mexican cooking and modern techniques at his restaurant Eloisa. Located just a few steps from the Santa Fe Plaza, this restaurant was inspired by Sedlar’s grandmother’s cooking and recipes. He uses local ingredients and earthy foods as his inspiration for the dishes he creates. Presentation and colour are two of his strong suits. The dishes he presents are also very flavorful. His avocado chocolate dessert was unreal!





4) Grab a WHOOS Donut – Made from scratch every day, these gourmet donuts are to die for. They use local ingredients such as blue corn, chipotle, chili and Mexican chocolate to create original donut recipes. You can find their donuts at a variety of locations downtown or you can stop by their shop on Cerrillos Rd. You will not regret it!



5) Explore the Santa Fe Plaza and historic downtown – The Plaza is a National Historic Landmark located in downtown Santa Fe. The city square has a unique traditional Spanish-American style that dates back to colonialism. It was and still is to this day, a major gathering point in the city.On this Plaza, you’ll also find some small vendors, food stands and also some outdoor music performances. Around the Plaza, you’ll find a handful of monuments, museums, historic sites, art galleries, markets and shops. It’s a great place to start your visit of downtown Santa Fe. The oldest public building in the U.S. the Palace of the Governors is also located on the plaza.






13 Cities, 13 Runs – Charlottetown


What a thrill it was to be back on Prince Edward Island. Last time I visited this magnificent island dates back to my childhood. I had kept fond memories of the island of Anne of Green Gables (everyone can guess why…) so I was ecstatic to be back last month.


Prince Edward Island is filled with nature: forests, parks, beaches, farmland, etc. It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!


The main trail that you can find from tip-to-tip on the island is the Confederation Trail. After PEI’s railway was abandoned in 1989, the island decided to transform the area into a walking and cycling trail during the summer and snowmobile trail in the winter.


What’s so great about the trail is its unique scenery. While running, you will see anything from rolling hills, villages, seascapes and also farms. This flat trail is 410 kms in length and is made of rolled stone dust.


I took the trail from Charlottetown at Fitzroy and Kensington Street, but there are many entrances around the island, such as Tignish, Souris, Georgetown, Montague, Murray River, etc.






My favorite part of my run on the island: coming across a field of horses. How special is that?


To see the full Confederation Trail map, go here.

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