Takeback Dress


I spent lot’s of time in Vancouver during the last two weeks and those who know Vancouver know that in the fall, it’s bound to rain. I’m not usually a fan of rain but the rain in Vancouver is quite magical. I’m not sure if it’s the mountains around the city, the low clouds or the ocean that makes the rain more romantic for me but it definitely makes me feel different than in Toronto.



The one feeling that I do get whenever it rains, is that I want to cuddle up, be warm, read a book, drink tea and snuggle by a fireplace (if only I had access to one more often!). Feeling cozy in what I’m wearing is also super important. I couldn’t think of a better dress to wear on a rainy day in Vancouver than Bench‘s Takeback Dress.





It was the perfect thing to wear on my stroll across the city to explore the Davie Street Village, which was right by where we were staying last weekend. I also got to see the Bute and Davie St. rainbow-coloured crosswalk that was unveiled for Vancouver’s Pride Week celebrations two years ago. What a great idea to have a permanent rainbow crosswalk, the first in Canada and one with so much meaning. Props to Vancouver for being the first ones to do that.



Photos by @Offner

What I’m wearing: Bench Takeback Dress (get it here)

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