The Good Fight


Earlier this week, one of my fitness inspirations and Toronto blogging maven SoSasha, invited an amazing group of women to fight “The Good Fight” at Equinox. We had the privilege of working out with Nate Bower, a personal trainer, a fitness expert and most importantly a 4-time provincial boxing champ.


I’ve never boxed before but I got to throw my fair share of punches when I was a teenager in karate. I was therefore pretty thrilled to get to try a new sport. We got to participate in Nate’s super high intensity boxing class. We learned how to wrap our wrists, did a boxing warm up, learned some boxing technique and did a bunch of drills with the bag and with a partner. It didn’t take long before I worked up a sweat! I was surprised by just how much footwork is involved in boxing and how athletic you need to be in order to complete drills.





What I enjoyed most was that it was a great stress relief because let’s be honest, throwing punches on a bag always feels good! What I found out is that it’s also a great complimentary workout for us runners. It’s a full body workout and also great cardio. It was also a ton of fun!


If you’re looking for a new workout, with a rad coach and in the most beautiful gym in the city (they have the most luxurious facilities, the best post-workout smoothies, kind staff and a rad choice of classes), make sure you check out the Equinox 50 minute boxing class with Nate Bower!


To know more about Nate Bower and his Bower Boxing, go here and for more info about Equinox, go here. Thanks again for the invite Sasha! #SSFitxEquinox #EquinoxMadeMeDoIt

**Photos by Dirk Teunissen.

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