This Week’s Ear Candy

I was back at work this week after more than three weeks off. Though there aren’t many releases coming out during this time of year, I was still able to discover a handful of new tracks over the week. Here are my favorites:

I had the pleasure of working with Ottawa-native and now Montreal-resident Leif Vollebekk back when I was doing publicity for Audioblood. He’s an extremely talented folk singer-songwriter. His last release Inland, which came out in 2010, buzzed around Ontario, Quebec and even Europe. He’s probably one of the nicest and funniest artists I’ve met over the years. He’s also a skilled songwriter and has one of the dreamiest voices. This week he finally released a brand new track entitled “Off The Main Drag” from his upcoming follow-up called North Americana, which is due out February 19th in Canada.  You can listen to it below, it’s a little gem! He’ll be doing a bunch of tour dates in February and March. Do yourself a favor and go see him play, you’ll totally fall under his charm as well!

Each week for my show, I’m asked to review three records.  This week I had to prepare a review for Claude Munson & The Storm Outside. I had never heard of the band before and was pleasently surprised. It’s no secret that I don’t always like every record I review but this one was pretty exceptional. I love the textures on this record, the stories that Claude Munson tells and the overall mood. Below is their first video for the track “Driftwood”. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Found a great little remix of Grimes‘ stellar track “Skin”. The track was remixed by the UK musician Four Tet. When I spoke to Grimes this past summer in Quebec City, she told me that she’d be spending the next little while working on a new record while she’s in LA. I’m really hoping we’ll be hearing something new from her in 2013.  In the meantime, enjoy the remix!

To finish off this week, one of my favorite artists Coeur de pirate released earlier this week a lovely video for her track “Place de la République”, my favorite on her latest effort Blonde. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. The lyrics and music just touch me. I’ve even teared up watching her play it live a few times (yup, I’m a total suck!).  It was her first time directing a video and what a great job she did. The video totally made me nostalgic and reminded me of how great of a time I had in Paris. Also, as I was leaving Paris to go to Lyon last month, I passed in front of Place de la République. It’s a truly beautiful area of the city.  The video totally made my day when I saw it, so I hope it will make yours too!

Have a great weekend!
mel xo

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