This Week’s Ear Candy

This week is a crazy week for music in Toronto with Canadian Music Week! It’s only fitting that this week’s ear candy features an all-Canadian line-up. Here are my favorite tracks and videos of the week!

Ain’t No Love is a four-piece electro-hip hop act from Montreal/Toronto. They’re at Canadian Music Week this week and if it weren’t for my work commitments, I can guarantee that I’d be at their show dancing. Absolutely love their track “Gone Already”. Definitely something special about it. Check them out here:

Diamond Rings stopped by the studio this week. Though his latest record Free Dimensional came out a little while ago, it’s still one of my favorites. His music is super uplifting, dancy and positive. I’m obsessed with his track “I’m Just Me”. I couldn’t be more stoked to be seeing him perform at the Sirius XM Indies tonight!

Got a new found appreciation for the Montreal rapper trio Loud x Lary x Ajust after seeing them perform last night at our showcase. I love their bilingual flow, clever lyrics and A-Justice’s rad beats. You should definitely keep them on your radar if their music speaks to you. Live, they can definitely make you dance! Respect.

Wishing you all a wonderful CMW weekend!!

Mel xo



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