Training for San Francisco


The Nike Women San Francisco Half Marathon is only a few weeks away! Having been training for races for the past couple of months, I’ve realized the importance of also adding other types of workouts to your weekly training plan. Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath shares today her recommendations in preview of the big race!

Eva’s Top 3 NTC workout recommendations:

For anyone training for the Nike San Francisco Half Marathon in October, cross training is an integral part of your training journey. In addition to getting your runs in,  I’d recommend starting to incorporate the Find Your Fast NTC Challenge into your training schedule. One of the great things about the program is that you can design your workouts based on your schedule and fitness level. The workouts focus on strength to increase lean muscle tissue, endurance to improve cardio fitness and flexibility to reduce muscle tension and speed recovery, which are all important for runners.

Three of my favourite NTC workouts are:

Maurie Purvis’ Ready, Set, Zoom: This is a fast paced, dynamic workout to build strength with metabolic and core drills that are designed to help you move faster

Kirsty Godo’s Zoom Fast: This combines quick, powerful movements for speed, endurance and agility

Traci Copeland’s Reach and Recharge: This gives you a great stretch to increase flexibility as well as increases your breathing technique

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