Vans Releases its First Ever Snowboard Film LANDLINE

On January 26th 2018, Vans will be releasing their first ever snowboard film called LANDLINE. Directed by Tanner Pendleton and shot almost entirely on Kodak 16mm film, the flick documents the Vans snowboard team as they travel around the world exploring new terrain and doing some of the best snowboarding tricks out there.

The film features Vans’ eclectic team roster including seasoned pros, new stars as well as pioneers of the sport. Everyone from Pat Moore to Arthur Longo to Jake Kuzyk all appear in the film. It not only showcases great snowboarding but also everything related to the snowboard culture.

One of the film’s star, Minnesota native Dan Liedahl shares his thoughts on being a part of Vans’ first ever snowboard film. “Team videos do happen but not all that often so I think that sets it apart a little, but more so I think the fact that it’s Vans first video they’ve ever done is what’s really doing it. It’s crazy to think that Vans has been around supporting snowboarding for so long and has never made a full length video so that’s a really exciting thing,” explains Dan.

As for his favourite part about being in this film, he says “my favourite part about all of it is that I got to hang with the crew the whole time. I love these guys and I love that I got to be there and see most of the tricks that were in the video happen. I like that I was there to help my friends set up the spots, get tricks, and then eat food afterward haha, that’s my favourite part about being in the video.”

The film has been premiering in a handful of cities around the globe and most recently in Vancouver. The official launch takes place on January 25th in Denver, Colorado and will feature some musical guests from the film’s soundtrack Dinosaur Jr. and a DJ set by Sonic Youth’s very own Thurston Moore.

While you await its release, you can get stoked by watching the trailer below!

The film will be available January 26th 2018 on iTunes and also on Vimeo on Demand.

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