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I’m excited to be partnering up with ELXR Juice Lab in Toronto to present to you a special series of blogs on fitness and juicing. I’m thrilled to share with you once a month, a specific fitness activity and a juice recommendation.

This month, the focus is on running and the featured ELXR juice is: Support Group. Proper hydration and nutrition before and after a run is crucial. Since I’ve been running a lot more this past year, I’ve noticed that drinking cold-pressed juices after my runs have been very beneficial, especially juices with beets in them.


ELXR Juice Lab’s founder Dan, explains the benefits of this particular juice for runners.

1) What does the juice consist in?
— All organic: beets, celery, fennel, red grapes and lime.


2) When do you recommend people drink it?
— 15-30 minutes before running, ideally on an empty stomach, for best absorption; can also drink during a longer more intense run. This juice, because it contains carbs is also good to have post-run.
— As Support Group contains beets which are good for cardio, its main functionality is improving endurance so pre-or during a workout is recommended.
— Also, it is good as en electrolyte replacement bev. 
(check out this amazing resource if you’re interested in super specifics: http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/020612p48.shtml)
3) What does it do for your body?
— Beets contain nitrate which converts to nitric oxide in our bodies. This improves our bodies ability to use oxygen effectively, increasing endurance.
— The antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables increase our bodies ability to squelch free radicals, reducing harm to healthy tissue (the more you exercise and your metabolism increases, the more free radicals your body produces). Also, these antioxidants help to keep inflammation down by assisting in effective healing.\
— Celery and fennel are high in electrolytes and so will help to replenish what is lost during exercise. 
To find out more about ELXR Juice Lab, check them out here.

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