Why I Became Active Again

p12Turning 30 was key in my wanting to become very active again. Growing up, I played every imaginable sport and spent most evenings after school practicing a sport or taking part in a sports team.

p16During my teenage years, I remained active by dancing semi-professionally, paying my way through school by teaching dancing and doing little dance contracts here and there.

As soon as I hit university, my level of physical activity really decreased due to all the time I was spending not only studying but working on developing my career as a music journalist and photographer. I put aside sports and physical activity and instead spent several nights a week covering concerts. My irregular schedule and frequent travelinh made it difficult for me to partake in sports leagues or let alone take fitness classes.

p15When I moved to Toronto 7 years ago, I was still pretty unactive. One of the main reasons why I was unactive was financials. I barely had enough money to pay rent so I definitely couldn’t afford the $20-30 drop-in classes around the city, which is what led me to become more creative with my workouts. I first bought a bike and started cycling to and from work. Whenever I would travel, I would also plan some surf expeditions to get back into the water and be active.

p13And then I moved close to the waterfront almost 4 years ago and decided to give the sport I so hated growing up a try: running. The thing that I immediately loved with running is that I could do it on my own time and that it cost no money. It was also easy for me to pack my running shoes whenever I traveled so that I could run wherever I was. Though running has been an upwards battle, I have seen significant improvements just by sticking with the sport.

Through running, I have met some amazing people who have inspired and motivated me to get into racing and get even more active. I started doing any and all kinds of sports at home and also when I was on the road. My motto has become – do everything, regret nothing!

p14Thanks to training and meeting all sorts of athletes, trainers and nutritionists, I have learned so much about the importance of leading an active and healthy life, especially as you grow older. I always loved being active and playing so many sports growing up, I’m thrilled I am now very active again. Not only has it helped me with anxiety, stress, insomnia, self-esteem, etc., it is also key in preventing all sorts of diseases and health issues. Having not been dealt the best family genetics, I want to make sure I keep any potential health risk as low as possible.

Why are you active? What motivates and inspires you to get out there?

p2Photos & hair by: Cabello by Carolina

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This post was written in collaboration with Hyba but all opinions are my own.


  1. A friend and I were chatting last night about how much fun it was to do something different than sit on a patio and drink empty calories. We took a workout class that was intense but it was nice to have a buddy to laugh through it.

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