WMCFW SS15 Day 5 Recap


Yesterday was my last day of shows for this season at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. What a whirlwind of a week it’s been. It’s always so inspiring to see the runway shows.


I didn’t know what to expect going into this first show yesterday and to my surprise I was completely drawn into the collection she presented. I loved her minimalist yet somewhat futuristic looks. The earthy tones complimented well the style of the garments she presented. I can without a doubt say that I’m a fan of the entire collection.



Pictures by: SONY Canada


The studio was jam-packed yesterday for Mikhael Kale’s runway show. There definitely seems to have been a lot of thought put into this collection and a lot of hard work that went into making these items. The collection was incredibly creative, not only in the cuts but also in the choice of material and the combination of materials he presented. It was modern, intricate and detailed. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show!



Pictures by: World MasterCard Fashion Week


Yesterday was my HD Homme initiation. The collection was colorful, bright and filled with bold prints. My favorite item of the collection was the black flower bomber jacket he presented. There was a lot of silk on the runway, an element that caught me a little off-guard. The entire collection was accessorized by a rad up and coming jewelry brand from Toronto called Vitaly Designs. I think that the pairing with these jewels completed the outfits nicely.


Picture by: SONY Canada


The Stephan Caras show without a doubt had its own signature look. What a great idea to pick just a few fabrics and create so many different gowns, pantsuits and tops & shorts from them. The collection was feminine, imaginative and romantic. The gold and cream created an incredibly glamourous line, which was contrasted by the models’ mohawks. Beautiful from start to finish!


Pictures by: SONY Canada


Vancouver’s Madame Moje presented dresses with varying colors, textures and cuts last night. All of them were interestingly constructed and very ladylike. The design pair have a skill for making every model’s behind look incredibly plump and beautiful. I believe that every woman could find something to her liking in their ss15 collection.



Pictures by: World MasterCard Fashion Week


Mikael D finished off this incredible week of fashion in a very glamorous way with his exceptionally gorgeous gowns. So in love with this gold dress below. It’s a must-have!! Every creation was unique and well imagined. Every gown was fabulously detailed and put together. I was enchanted by the collection.


Pictures by: SONY Canada

Hope you’ve enjoyed my recaps this week! Until next season…

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