Reach and Recharge

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The month of August is drawing to a close. For many, this also means the end of summer vacation, going back to work, going back to school and also the start of fall.

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I always take this time of year to recharge my batteries, set intentions for the fall and get ready for the upcoming months. The fall is always a time of renewal but also a lot of stress for me. The end of summer, always makes me anxious, as it’s my favorite season. For me, summer is synonym with the sunshine, relaxation, the ocean and surf, so the thought of that coming to an end always makes me feel a little uneasy. I’m always apprehensive about the fall, because it also means the days are getting shorter, the weather will get colder and winter is unfortunately looming.

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This summer, I found the Reach and Recharge yoga workout from Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland, which has allows me to calm down and stay focused. It’s a 30 minute workout that will suit any level of yogi. I like the mix of poses (Warrior series, chair pose, child’s pose) and the inclusion of some NTC moves that I’m familiar with (Core plank twist, push ups, etc). I hope that through doing these types of workouts and a bit of breathing/meditation, will help calm my nerves leading into the fall.

What do you do to recharge at the end of the summer?

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Beach Bum

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Well… after a lengthy day, 2 days of traveling, we finally made it to Europe. The 9 hours of jet lag definitely has me feeling a little funky but I knew that going to the ocean today would be the best thing to get me feeling energized again.

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No surfing for today, just enjoying the lovely waves, the sun and the beautiful Côte Basque scenery. Some days, it’s nice to be a beach bum, I rarely get the chance to just lay by the beach so I’m making the most of it!

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Excited to be heading to the #ProAnglet surf competition later this week. Got any recommendations for the Côte Basque? Send them my way!

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Finding Motivation in Location

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As some of you may know, I’ve been on the road traveling for the past three weeks. Traveling is a real passion of mine. I think it was passed down from my grandma and then my mother as a child. The more I travel, the more I feel alive.

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That said, traveling these past couple of months have been extra interesting since I’ve been training and working out so much while at home in Toronto. Traveling makes it a challenge to stay on top of your regular workout routine. Some people choose to stop working out altogether when they travel, but I’ve worked so hard these past couple of months, that that is just not an option for me anymore.

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These past couple of weeks, I’ve been in places that are extremely hot so it hasn’t always been easy to work out outside. That said, I’ve found new creative ways to get workouts in, even if they differ from those at home, I know that every bit counts.

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I’ve found motivation in the amazing locations I’ve been in. I’ve had the privilege of visiting some of the most beautiful spots in the United States ie. Antelope Canyon, Death Valley, Monument ValleyHorseshoe Bend, etc. I’ve used the beautiful natural scenery as an extra motivation to get out there and be active. Whether it’d be a surf session in Malibu, a hike in Runyon Canyon, an NTC session in Horseshoe Bend or a run along Fisherman’s Village in Marina Del Rey, all of these experiences have been unique and wonderful. Running has been especially fun, running all over Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and California! How cool is that? I’ll be posting more about my travels in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

What keeps you motivated to work out while you’re on the road?

“Run Fast, Live Fearless” 

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5 Things to Do in Carlsbad


Carlsbad is a cute surf town located on the coast between Los Angeles and San Diego. It has been one of my favorite locations to spend time surfing and relaxing. If you’ve never ben to the area before, here are some things I recommend on your trip there!

1) Go for a run on the Seawall. Located along the PCH between Pine Street and Tamarack Ave., the Seawall is a great spot to run right along the coast. The mile long path allows you to be separated from the bike path and cars while also being closer to the ocean. Running on the seawall is exceptional because you have the most spectacular view of the ocean and even sunset during your run. If you’re looking to clock more than just a few miles, you can continue running along the PCH, on the bike path to Leucadia and even Encinitas. Nothing like the ocean breeze and breathing salt water air while running!

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2) Grab breakfast or a juice from Choice Juicery. Choice Juicery is located right on Carlsbad Village Drive in downtown Carlsbad. They’ve got a super relaxing oasis-like property where people can come and sit on turf or beautiful wooden benches. The people on staff are all incredibly friendly. They offer a plant-based menu that is 100% organic, gluten free and dairy free. It’s a great place to grab breakfast – their breakfast bowls and smoothies are sumptuous! My favorite was the “PB&J” bowl with homemade granola & banana. They also serve great salads, superfood snacks and a tasty selection of juices. Their “Hot Sunrise” drink was a perfect mid-day pick-me-up!


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3) Go surfing in South Carlsbad. Beacons beach at the edge of Carlsbad and Leucadia is a good spot for longboards. The waves are usually pretty small and also very forgiving. It’s also a great area to picnic with the family or friends and hang out for the entire day. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, you can also head down to Swami’s in Encinitas just a few minutes south.

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4) Explore downtown. The one thing I loved most about staying in Carlsbad is being able to walk everywhere. The downtown area is adorable and has some super rad vintage shops, record stores, book stores, beach shops, etc. There are also a lot of delicious local restaurants such as PAON (if you’re looking for something more high-end and classic, their homemade pasta was delicious!), or Swami’s Cafe (the best & cheapest brunch spot in the city!), or even Cessy Taco Shop for some cheap tacos or burritos. If you’re looking for a little entertainment, there are some films being presented outdoors throughout the summer and also the Carlsbad Village Theatre that always presents some great plays, comedy shows, etc. The city also has beautiful parks, lot’s of bike paths and great places to hang out.

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5) Grab a post-surf pizza at Pizza Port. Pizza Port is a local institution. If you’re from the area, chances are you’ve eaten at Pizza Port before, celebrated a birthday there, had some of their homemade beers, pizza, etc. I’ve had the opportunity to eat their pizza a handful of times but going to their Carlsbad location is always my favorite. I love their outdoor patio, the family and community vibe there, their delicious garlic buddies, enormous salads and of course, their super tasty pizzas. Though I’m not really a beer drinker, the place is also renown for their cool beers brewed fresh on premise. Some of the beers worth trying: “Sharkbite Red”, “Wipeout IPA” and “Amigo Later”, all found at the Carlsbad location. Make sure you also try their wholegrain beer pizza crust while you’re there, it’s unreal!


Cowboy Vibes

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Spending time in the southwest has reintroduced me to the Cowboy Culture. I hadn’t been to Arizona in a couple of years so it’s been great spending in this wonderful state this past week. So many beautiful things to see, which I’ll be sharing with you in some upcoming travel posts. The one thing I’m particularly fond of is the fashion down here. I love a classic cowboy hat, I think it adds character to any kind of outfit. Because I live in Toronto, I rarely get to find nice hats so I couldn’t resist when I saw this particular one in Tombstone the other day. I also found this beautiful Chevrolet truck in Holbrook. I’ve always been a fan of vintages cars, so I couldn’t help snapping a few shots with it. Excited to bring home this authentic Justin cowboy hat back home with me!

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Photos by @Offner

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Running in New Terrain


Keeping a running routine while traveling isn’t always easy. To be quite honest, I’m always a little intimidated when I arrive in a city I’ve never been to. It’s hard to sometimes know where are the best places to run and to keep your training game on point, especially when trying to clock a lot of miles. So I enlisted the help of the Nike+ Run Club‘s coach in Toronto Rejean Chiasson who shared his tips for running while on the road.

Rejean’s Top 5 running tips when training in a new location and unknown terrain:

One of the amazing things about running is that it allows you to explore new cities, locations and unknown areas. I’m always looking for new areas to explore both in the city and along my travels so I wanted to share my top five running tips when running in a new location.

Plan your route. The Nike+ Running App is a great tool to help you create new routes as you embark on a new running adventure. It also helps you track your KMs clocked and pace as you tackle the route.

Find a local Nike+ Run Club to join. Running with a community gives you the motivation and helps you push your boundaries. Not to mention, the Coaches and Pacers know the city, so you’re likely in for a treat in exploring some of the best routes.

Try Something new. Running in a new city is a great excuse to do something new. Push your boundaries, run on the beach, plan your route around tourist must-see’s or end your run at a must-try city hotspot.

Dress appropriately. When running in new cities or areas, often times we don’t plan accordingly. One of the biggest distractions when running is not dressing properly. Remember to pay attention to the terrain you’re running on and wear the proper shoes (i.e. if you’re on a trail, don’t forget to wear your trail shoes). At the same time, it’s just as important to pay attention to the weather, you don’t want to over or under dress. Remember, it’s best to dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer when running.

Enjoy the route! Don’t forget to take in the views, scenery and all that the new route has to offer.

Training for San Francisco


The Nike Women San Francisco Half Marathon is only a few weeks away! Having been training for races for the past couple of months, I’ve realized the importance of also adding other types of workouts to your weekly training plan. Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath shares today her recommendations in preview of the big race!

Eva’s Top 3 NTC workout recommendations:

For anyone training for the Nike San Francisco Half Marathon in October, cross training is an integral part of your training journey. In addition to getting your runs in,  I’d recommend starting to incorporate the Find Your Fast NTC Challenge into your training schedule. One of the great things about the program is that you can design your workouts based on your schedule and fitness level. The workouts focus on strength to increase lean muscle tissue, endurance to improve cardio fitness and flexibility to reduce muscle tension and speed recovery, which are all important for runners.

Three of my favourite NTC workouts are:

Maurie Purvis’ Ready, Set, Zoom: This is a fast paced, dynamic workout to build strength with metabolic and core drills that are designed to help you move faster

Kirsty Godo’s Zoom Fast: This combines quick, powerful movements for speed, endurance and agility

Traci Copeland’s Reach and Recharge: This gives you a great stretch to increase flexibility as well as increases your breathing technique

Humber Bay Park

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I love being able to discover new gems in Toronto even after having lived here for six years. Last week, Offner and I spent a few hours at the Humber Bay Park in the west end. I’ve run in the area before but had never been as far west in the park. To my surprise, the park is stunning; there’s a nice beach area, picnic tables, a beautiful view of Toronto, etc. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or to read a book. If you’re in need of a relaxing spot and want to get away from all the craziness that you usually find in other parks downtown ie. Trinity Bellwoods, this is a great option that is easily accessible via the Martin Goodman Trail. I brought my new Sanuk Yoga Slinged Up sandals with me for the trip, perfect for the relaxed waterfront vibes! :D

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Photos by @Offner

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Discovering the new Toyota Corolla

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Growing up, the word Toyota was always synonym with the following adjectives: durability, reliability and quality. The Toyota Corolla was also the “it car” when I started driving, many of the kids at school bought used Corollas. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to drive a handful of different Toyota models but had never spent time driving the Corolla. I was therefore extremely excited to have been given the chance to re-familiarize myself not only with Toyota but also with the new Corolla.


I spent a week test driving the 2015 Toyota Corolla S in and around greater Toronto. My initial thought when I first saw the new Corolla was how sleek and cool the exterior looked. Some of the features of the Corolla I love the most are:

– 6.1” Touchscreen Display Audio with Bluetooth® and 6 Speakers (having great sounding audio in a car is so important)

– Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof (my favorite way to get fresh air and enjoy the sunshine during the warmer months)

– 17” Aluminum Alloy Wheels (sleek sport wheels!)

– Integrated XM Satellite Radio (XM radio was key for the longer distances that I did with the car during the week. So much more enjoyable than just having regular radio)

– Premium Navigation (which included voice recognition and could easily be used to get to your destination of choice)

– Softex Simulated Leather Seating Surfaces (so much better than leather yet with the same kind of badass feel, easier to clean, eco-friendly and more durable!)

– Smart Key System (which allowed me to get into the car without using the key. All I had to do is approach the car with the key in my bag, press and hold my finger on the handle and the car would unlock)

– Electrochromic Rear View Mirror with Digital Compass (always helpful when backing up or parking)


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I took the Corolla with me to all of my week’s adventures. I went SUPing at the Scarborough Bluffs, went to spend time at the Humber Bay Park, went swimming in High Park, went on a special movie date and also took it to Clarington for the Spartan Race.


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During the week, I got to test the many features of the car, got to bring it through different terrain, whether it’d be the highway, the city streets or on country roads. The car reacted well on all the different terrains. It was high enough from the ground to go over branches and trees in the countryside and had enough horsepower to perform quick lane changes and for speeding up quickly on the highway.

The car’s fuel efficiency was incredibly surprising. I was astonished by how little the car consumed in the entire week I had it, both in the city and on the highway.

Another great feature of the Corolla is its spacious and clean interior. The trunk is big and there’s plenty of legroom and foot room for both the passengers at the front and those riding at the back, which is key for longer trips.

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Key safety features: the car’s 8 airbags, Whiplash-Injury-Lessening (WIL) front seats, Tire Pressure Monitoring System as well as Toyota’s Star Safety System™ featuring six advanced accident avoidance safety technologies.

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It comes as no surprise that the Toyota Corolla is the #1 selling compact car in North America. For more information on the car, you can visit the Toyota Canada website here.

5 Questions With: Lakey Peterson


A few weeks ago, during the Nike Women’s 15k race weekend in Toronto, I had the privilege of meeting one of the top female surfers in the world – Lakey Peterson. Lakey is a 20-year-old professional surfer from California currently ranked #7 on the WSL World Tour. She started surfing at the age of 5 and began her rookie year on the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour at the age of 17! If you’ve seen Lakey compete before, you know she’s a powerhouse in the water. She’s such a great athlete to watch because she always seems so fearless against the other competitors. I’ve had the privilege of watching her compete and she’s incredibly inspiring. I’m beyond thrilled that she took a few minutes out of her busy training schedule before the US Open of Surfing to answer a few of my questions. Hope you’ll enjoy my 5 Questions with Lakey Peterson:

1) What first drew you to surfing? What is it about surfing that you love so much?

I think for me it has always just been such a freeing feeling when I surf… I forget about everything else in life and am entirely in the moment. Not many things in this world that make you do that or feel that.

2) What are your thoughts on the current level of women’s surfing in the world?

It’s really exciting to be a part of women’s surfing at the moment… The girls are absolutely ripping at the moment. We are all pushing each other to surf better and more powerful. I believe the future is really bright. 

3) How do you usually prepare for a competition? What is your day of competition routine?

During contest I am always up by 5 or 5:30. I’ll have a bite of fruit and go for a warm up surf. Then eat breakfast, lots of veggies, 1 egg and avocado. Before my heat I listen to my music, warm up, talk to my coach and off I go.

4) What are some of your favorite breaks to surf and why?

When I am back home in California, Rincon Point is by far my favorite place in the world to surf. I also Love Fiji and Honolua Bay 

5) What are your next career goals? Where would you like to be in 5 years?

In 5 year i hope I am still on tour surfing and going for the world title. I want surfing to be my life for as long as possible. So hopefully I’ll be on tour until I am 30 or so. After that I want to really help people with nutrition and fitness. I am starting a website called it’s going to be all about healthy living. Amazing style tips, recipes, workouts, photography etc. So i hope that goes well and I can turn it into a business and carrier one day. 

Catch Lakey Peterson compete at the US Open of Surfing this week and check out her new website that launches Friday July 31st at 10am PST.